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Lightning in a Bottle – New Noise Festival Santa Barbara, CA

November 11th, 2010

As the venerable South by Southwest music festival approaches its twenty-fifth year of existence, numerous pockets of the country have begun to try and kindle their own industry-centric events borrowing heavily on SXSW’s successful mix of nonstop music and engaging panel discussions. Even this year’s CMJ Music Marathon started to reach the explosive levels of minute-by-minute hype that Austin’s gargantuan rock-and-roll party town enjoys ever year. So it begs the question: is it wise to start another such festival with SXSW so deeply entrenched and powerful? The answer to that question is quite simply: it depends. If quality talent is present, and the industry minds participating are bringing progressive ideas to the table, it’s worth going nearly anywhere. In its second year of existence Santa Barbara’s New Noise Festival triumphed in the face of the overwhelming uphill battle that is trying to establish such an event.
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Warped Tour Press Conference & Kick-Off Party

April 12th, 2010

Warped Tour has been going on for 15 years and we are now approaching its sweet 16. Creator Kevin Lyman has been running this ever so successful operation every year, making for the best punk summer camp ever. He brings together artists from all sorts of genres and travels across the country, reaching thousands of fans. He is also the man behind things like Taste of Chaos , Mayhem, and is now putting on a nation-wide tour. People from all over and across generations cant wait till summer to see all their favorite bands all in one place. That one place is Warped Tour. Read more…

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