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We Drive Some Folks Wild – Hank III & Assjack Live at the Roxy 3/26/10

April 11th, 2010

For the uninitiated, Hank Williams III (grandson of the legendary Hank Williams, son of Hank Williams Jr.) puts on one of the most exciting live sets in music right now. Reaching deep into the roots from whence he came, he plays almost an hour and a half of unadulterated outlaw country complete with banjo, fiddle and pedal steel guitar. He segues into a more rocking form of country that he refers to as “Hellbilly” music, adding electric guitars to the mix and dialing up the volume. And then finally, eschewing the country base, Hank III (as he commonly refers to himself) returns with his co-lead singer Gary Lindsey and his metal group Assjack. All told, the man performs a staggering set nearing three hours in length. On a brisk night in West Hollywood at the Roxy, a sold-out crowd was primed and ready for this and more.

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Hank Williams III’s ASSJACK and “Damn” Band to Tour + Album

June 15th, 2009

Hank William III’s latest creative project, ASSJACK is dropping their first album of “authorized” music on August 4, 2009, out on Curb Records. The death-metal self-titled will feature the songs “Redneck Ride,” “Wasting Away,” and “No Regrets,” among others. Hank III performed, wrote, and produced everything on the album and hopes the audience will include “cowboys, punks, metalheads, jocks, grandmas, and the average everyday person under the same roof.” Read more…

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Hank III & Assjack – Bootleg #3

August 29th, 2005

The Dark Side of the South

In need of a fresh take on a well-established genre? Do you harbor a secret love of outlaw country music? Well look no further than the rasp and crossover grit that is Assjack. Assjack is one of two bands fronted by Hank Williams III, grandson of the legendary Hank Williams. A typical Hank III show consists of a large set from Hank with his country outfit The Damn Band, a brief interlude of hellbilly stomp and then a blistering finale from Assjack. Such contrast is hard to ponder coming from a third generation country veteran, but the extreme variance between the two is a jaw-dropping diversified experience. There are no official Assjack releases as of yet, however on tour Hank sells his own handmade copies of Assjack’s Bootleg #3. Read more…

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