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The Dandy Warhols & 1776

May 21st, 2012

Tuesday, May 22nd

Emo’s East

$16 tickets

Portland’s The Dandys have been doing their thing for quite a while now, and this is very evident upon seeing them live. They sound so near perfect, exactly as you would expect their songs to sound in your head. You may find yourself saying, “gee, the venue’s sound tonight sure is spot on,” but no, it really is them, they sound just like that no matter where you see them. This hypothesis has been tested by yours truly, and the results don’t lie, The Dandys put on nothing short of an amazing show.  New Album, This Machine, emerged this year, it’s studio release number 1o for them. It is very guitar heavy, more stripped, and has some darker trends present. The scuzz sometimes borders on punk rock, Henry Rollins may dig it, and there’s no real flow, just a cluster of songs presented as is, each with its own vibe to share. Yet still, that classic Dandy Warhols sound lives on, you can hear it somewhere in there, amongst it all, it’s instantly recognizable. An interesting, and fun to listen to, direction for the Dandys to take, and it will be a pleasure to hear what these songs do in a live setting.

Check out the new Dandy Warhols LP, This Machine, HERE.

Check out 1776’s sound ,and get to know them HERE.

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