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Like Pacific – Like Pacific

January 20th, 2015
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Not Quite Something to Write Home About

Heavily emo and hardcore influenced pop punk is not as popular today as it was, say, ten years ago – but there are still plenty of bands hoping to cash on in the trend. Canadian band Like Pacific is nothing particularly new or innovative, but they don’t have to be. Their new album, the self-titled Like Pacific, picks up where bands like the Movielife left off in the early 2000’s; music made by and for hardcore kids who want something with a bit more clean singing. But clean singing doesn’t mean that Like Pacific doesn’t have all the energy of a hardcore band, and the passion of singer Jordan Black comes out in every word.
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Vision of Disorder – Still 20th Anniversary Deluxe Re-Issue

December 23rd, 2014
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Metal-Hardcore Fusion

In 1995, after a handful of demos, New York hardcore band Vision of Disorder released their first EP, Still. After initially breaking up in 2002, the band reunited in 2008 and has put out new music as recently as 2012’s The Cursed Remain Cursed. It has been twenty years since its release, and Vision of Disorder’s style of metal-injected hardcore remains a powerful influence for todays hardcore bands. To celebrate this anniversary and their continued influence on the scene, Vision of Disorder has re-released Still with two bonus tracks previously only found on the special edition Spanish import of the album.

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Future Punx – I’m So Inspired

November 26th, 2014
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See You in the Past

It’s hard not to pick up a Devo vibe from Inspired, the newest EP from Brooklyn’s Future Punx. Future Punx describes themselves as “post wave,” and this is a perfect description for the style of music they play. While many punk bands have taken the post-punk route in their music, Future Punx has refreshingly taken the 80s new wave path and it has worked strongly in their favor. Upbeat, quirky, and filled with beeps and synth, Inspired, is exactly what punk that has been influenced by new wave should sound in 2014. Read more…

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Buzzcocks – The Way

November 21st, 2014
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Get a buzz, cock

Since their formation in 1976, British punk band Buzzcocks has been considered one of the most important British punk bands and despite their initial break up in 1981, their subsequent reunions have shown us a degree of consistency in their music and energy that few bands could hope for. The Way is their first record since 2006’s Flat-Pack Philosophy and it is the perfect pick for older punk fans looking for something a bit more mellow, and for anyone looking for punk with a pop edge, but that isn’t pop punk.

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Mariachi El Bronx – Mariachi El Bronx (III)

November 4th, 2014
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A Great “New Beat”

In 2007, hard rock band the Bronx announced that they would be releasing a mariachi record El Bronx alongside their standard punk record, The Bronx. After the success of their first mariachi record, they decided to keep the trend going by releasing Mariachi El Bronx in 2011, confirming that their shift in sound was no novelty, but something they planned on expanding upon. And expand upon it they have, with their newest release Mariachi El Bronx (III) which they’ve released under the artist name Mariachi El Bronx. This change in style is no joke, and no fleeting fad, these guys have really nailed the mariachi and hard rock blend. Read more…

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Scars on 45 – Safety in Numbers

October 31st, 2014
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Not so Crazy for You

British indie rock band Scars on 45 has released their second full length album, Safety in Numbers, which was preceded by 2012’s self titled debut. This record is sweet, due to the fact that vocalists Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver sound lovely together as well as the fact that every one in the band seems to know how to play their instruments well enough. But, beyond that, Safety in Numbers feels utterly forgettable…and the rock in indie rock feels like a bit of stretch. Read more…

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The Pop Group – We Are Time/Cabinet of Curiosities

October 24th, 2014
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She is Beyond Post and Punk

British post-punk legends the Pop Group have re-released their compilation record We Are Time alongside a collection of rare live tracks and alternative mixes entitled Cabinet of Curiosities. Post-punk is going through an exciting revival right now, with bands coming from all over the world taking their influence from early new wave sounds from the late 1970’s and early ’80s. To accompany this swarm of new bands jumping on the post-punk wave, bands from the early days are getting in on the fun. Read more…

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The Bots – Pink Palms

October 15th, 2014
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Poised for Stardom

Just barely out of teendom, brothers Mikaiah Lei and Anaiah Lei are taking the garage punk world by storm in their group The Bots. Catchy, energetic, and upbeat, the Bots are exactly what the rock world needs right now. Their newest album Pink Palms is an extraordinarily strong record for their age, and is bound to be remembered as one of the best albums of the year. Their sound is so full you’d never believe there was only two of them, and their voices blend perfectly together. Equal parts pop, punk, and dirty garage rock, their unique sound is going to stick in your head for weeks to come. Read more…

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Texas in July – Bloodwork

October 2nd, 2014
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Not Bad, Not Incredible

Pennsylvania metalcore band Texas in July has released Bloodwork, their first album with new singer J.T. Cavey and lead guitarist Cam Welsh, who just joined in 2014 after their predecessors Alex Good and Christian Royer officially announced their leave in February. Texas in July has definitely changed, in more than just their lineup, since their debut album, I Am, in 2009. Bloodwork is a good few leaps from some of the more hardcore-centric elements of their earlier work, and Cavey’s voice is noticeably lower. But all in all, this album is your standard metalcore fare, for whatever that’s worth. Read more…

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Soul Side – Trigger/Bass-103

September 22nd, 2014
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A “Dischordant” Discovery

Washington, DC post-hardcore group Soul Side (sometimes known as Soulside) has just put out a rerelease and remastering of their debut EP for the famed Dischord Records, the Trigger EP along with three-song single, Bass-103. While Soul Side may not be the first band on the tip of your tongue when you think of Dischord bands from the ’80s, one listen to this record and you’ll see just how many bands took their influence from them, like New York’s Quicksand. And with members that went on to form Girls Against Boys and Seven League Boots, it’s no wonder why this band was so important. Read more…

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