The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairy Tale

February 14th, 2014


Electronically Haunting

Electronic tools seem to be seeping into more and more of today’s music. The Casket Girls’ True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is no exception. The girl group’s newest album, which was released February 11th, is a haunting journey filled with electronic twists and turns.

The album falls perfectly into their already established discography. The songs have a feminine touch, some interesting electronic sounds and take the listener on a journey into their respective psyches. The songs on True Love Kills the Fairy Tale get a bit repetitive. However, the repetition in addition to the electronic infusion just sucks the listener into what one could only describe to be a trance-like state. The songs have an ease about their flow, that it’s easy to allow your mind to blank and let the music take over to swirl throughout your subconscious.

Though there are no instrumental tracks on the album, the lyrics don’t really shine through, they instead seem to get lost in the electronics, and the overwhelming melodies. Some songs have a heavier electronic sound than others, such as “The Chase,” which begins with a sound that is very reminiscent of the opening riff of Coheed and Cambria’s “Gravity’s Union” (a highly distorted, low register rhythm). This is compared to their song “Holding you Back,” which has a lighter, slightly more fun sound– although it maintains that haunting tone.

The Casket Girls’ album is a great listen for anyone who likes girl groups, electronic music, and/or is looking for that transient state. This is not the album for you if you’re looking for something happy-go-lucky and fun– rather, it is best for those moments when you would much rather take to reflect upon yourself. Overall, It’s an album that’s worth at least a once over for anyone interested in something new.

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