Tricky Announces New Album False Idols Set for May 2013 Release

February 27th, 2013
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Tricky, also known as Adrian Thaws, has announced a new album after appearing MIA for quite some time. This record is also being produced under his own label. Read on for more details.


Tricky stated about his album:

I was lost for ages. I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work. To be honest with you, I’ve been floating around since Chris Blackwell and Island. My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realize now they weren’t. This album is about me finding myself again.

In addition to all the personal feeling going into this record, it seems that Tricky is trying to also make a statement. After taking some time to himself, he has had some reflections he was eager to share with his fans. Regarding the title of his album, not to mention the title of his label, he says “people follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.” His mission is to “bring back the artistry” into music. With that being said, the 15-track album features some new artists signed under his new label, promoting new and upcoming talent. The first track off the album is titled “Nothing Changed” and can be listened to below. Also check out the album’s full track-listing.

Listen to “Nothing’s Changed”
Tricky – Nothing’s Changed by !K7 Records

False Idols Track Listing
01. Somebody’s Sins
02. Nothing Matters
03. Valentine
04. Bonnie & Clyde
05. Parenthesis
06. Nothing’s Changed
07. If Only I Knew
08. Is That Your Life
09. Tribal Drums
10. We Don’t Die
11. Chinese Interlude
12. Does It
13. I’m Ready
14. Hey Love
15. Passion Of The Christ

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Tricky Announces New Album False Idols Set for May 2013 Release
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