Lisa Germano – No Elephants

February 25th, 2013
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Soul Bearing

Indiana’s favorite dream pop singer-songwriter, Lisa Germano, has returned with her ninth album, No Elephants.  Known for her hushed vocals, confessional lyrics and her distinguishable violin, Germano’s  latest release doesn’t sway far from her musical repertoire and offers observations on environmental behaviors, blood diamonds, and general social cognizance in a beautifully poetic way.

Starting off the album is “Ruminants,” leading in with a foreshadowing of birds flapping and humming outside while slowly progressing into Germano whispering, “Four stomachs/Throw up/Start over/I need/Four stomachs/To deal/To deal,” a poem that leaves you slightly curious to know where exactly Germano is going to take you on this twelve track ride.  “Apathy and the Devil,” a melancholy beat simply consisting of Germano’s famed piano tapered with lo-eclectic beats and digging in lyrically to her conscious.  While slightly confusing, Germano has a way of speaking to you musically as well as poetically.

Yet it’s “Diamonds” that reveals the heart of Germano. Fading in with her violin and leading to the piano, you can sense her passion as she sings, “Sorrow all around, put your hands down/All is not well outside/She sleep in such a weird room/Some say it’s changing/Diamonds into diamonds.” Rounding out the album is “Strange Bird” which starts off similar to “Ruminants,” providing a sense of closure for the album, but also offering deeper insight into Germano’s soul lyrically: “When I wake/In the sun/I’m here/But in there/Everywhere/Was the sound/Of flying/All around/Strange bird /When I’m gone/In my head/Cover me/All alone/As we are/Birds flying/All around/Cover me.”

The heart of No Elephants is beautiful in its delivery. With just Germano and her piano she’s able to bare her soul in an gorgeous way.

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