Rival Schools Announce New Album Found Set for April 2013 Release

February 21st, 2013
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The appropriately titled Rival Schools album, Found, is set to release April 9. During the six months of writing and recording, bits of the album were leaked online, and listeners dubbed it the “lost album.” Thanks to listener support Rival Schools will finally release the recovered album.

Found cover
After their debut LP in 2003, guitarist Ian Love left Rival Schools to pursue other projects. This created a void for the band to fill, musician Chris Taynor took the spot.

There was definitely a different energy with
Chris in the band but we were open to it. From my perspective it was
nice to create new patterns, we were driving forward without
questioning the material as much as we might have in the past.

The creation of Found was a different process than previous albums said singer Walter Schreifels.

“All the material for Found was written, developed and recorded within a few months, whereas United By Fate took years,” said Schreifels.

Schreifels attributes burn out from touring and recording, along with label difficulties as the reasons Found got lost. But seeing how fans reacted to the leaked tracks, Rival Schools decided to formally release the album.

“…I came to appreciate that the fans who managed to get a hold of Found
really seemed to hold it dear,” said Schreifels.

01. Dreamlife Avenger
02. Reaching Out
03. Indisposable Heroes
04. Paranoid Detectives
05. On The Fray
06. The Soft Skin
07. Tell It All To Me
08. Missing Glider
09. Big Waves
10. Sofia Loren
11. Why Can’t I Touch It

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