NEW MUSIC ALERT: Kate Nash and George Watsky Collaborate on “Hey Asshole”

February 21st, 2013
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The Kate Nash and George Watsky collaboration resulted in “Hey Asshole”, a track that blends two artists and two genres. The song is now available on iTunes.

Hey Asshole Still

The video begins in black and white with Nash singing her sweeter sounding type of song (despite the swear words). Then a heavier beat drops and Watsky begins to rap on the track. The lighthearted video features a depressed looking Watsky and a carefree Nash. By the end of the video, it is in full color and the pair are laughing.

Kate Nash is set to release her album “Girl Talk” (with bonus EP “Death Proof”) March 6 and begin touring on March 12.

Not only is the video worth a watch because it seamlessly meshes two styles of music..but there is also a G Watsky shower scene..

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