Arbouretum – Coming Out of the Fog

February 12th, 2013
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Dark and Deep

Arbouretum are out with their fifth full length album, Coming Out of the Fog. Leaning more on the softer side of their normal dim folk rock, Fog offers doom psych rock with experimental outlays composed to fit into a quick 39 minute package. Founded by guitarist and vocalist, Dave Heumann, Arbouretum is also comprised of bassist Corey Allender, percussionist and keyboardist Matt Pierce, and drummer Brian Carey who all together are a unique and creative force.

Coming Out of the Fog may be a quick and short eight tracks but fans will no doubt be pleased nonetheless. Still rooted in their ’70s inspired rock, “The Long Night” is the perfect opening track, channeling hints of Bob Dylan and injecting it with a darker grunge undertone. “Renounce,” the second track on the album, blends seamlessly from its predecessor but leaves little room for creativity. “The Promise” takes a lighter, more upbeat tone with beat-friendly guitar chords but struggles to find distinction over its repetitive nature, whereas “Oceans Don’t Sing” stands as an album highlight. Lyrically slow and steady, the track bridges soft electric guitar solos with hints of piano paired with smooth vocals. The overall tone of the album feels melancholy, as evidenced by “All At Once” with its guitar-fuzzed vocals and deep drums. First-time listeners will probably be craving an upbeat change or shift in the one dimensional note of the album whereas fans will find Heumann goes deeper than in previous releases.

Coming Out of the Fog is an acquired taste, but Heumann’s ability to pack a lot of punch in a small package isn’t overlooked. And while overall the album might feel and sound like it craves diversity, you can’t deny the talent of Arbourteum, and the outlook is optimistic for future albums.

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