Grimes Posts Rant Defending Pop Artists Including Beyonce, Psy, and Mariah Carey

February 6th, 2013
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Front woman of Grimes, Claire Boucher, recently responded to some criticism she received on behalf of her favorite songs from 2012 list via Tumblr.

The list, which included artists including Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Taylor Swift, received a lot of backlash from the internet world. In her responding post, Boucher comments on how she’s tired of being called “ignorant” for liking pop and hip hop music. Boucher also touched on some overarching issues she’s had with the music industry, like musicians who succeed based on connections alone. On another interesting note, Boucher also had some compelling things to say about popular musicians.

On Beyonce:

How can you hate Beyoncé? She’s changing the world. She stands for people of colour and women everywhere succeeding in a stifling patriarchy without compromising her morals. And she makes challenging, interesting art. She’s always positive. She is everything good. And the fact that she is hugely successful is not a shitty thing. It’s an important and amazing thing and she clearly works hard for it.

On K-Pop artist Psy:

I’m sorry, but I think it’s fucking incredible that a Korean language song is the most popular thing on the planet. That’s so good for humanity. PSY wrote and produced “Gangnam Style” himself and directed the video HIMSELF. No one made PSY. PSY is a genius and I dont think it’s so terrible that he’s been recognized for this. It also doesn’t make him evil. His art is creating a generation of kids that will grow up seeing Asian culture as being as valid as Western culture which they currently don’t. I know because I grew up in Vancouver and half my high school was Korean or Chinese and the kind of shit I heard all the time was horrible. I used to walk around with my Chinese boyfriend and people would yell slurs out of cars. Racism isn’t over. Sexism isn’t over. The only way things actually effect social change is by hitting the audience that perpetuates these ideas. Therefore, when a deserving artist blows up its good for everybody.

On Mariah Carey:

And yet I know very few adult males who consider themselves serious ‘music guys’ who don’t laugh when I say I like Mariah Carey. Why? Because she’s beautiful and people like her. Therefore she must be selling sex, right? So obviously her music is terrible, right? Ugh. The first time I heard Mariah Carey it shattered the fabric of my existence and I started Grimes.

As of recently, the Tumblr account has been deleted.

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