Watch: Helado Negro Releases New Video “Dance Ghost”

January 27th, 2013
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Witness the art of story telling with Helado Negro’s new music video “Dance Ghost” from his latest album Invisible Life, which will be released on March 5. The story weaves the tale of the ghosts unseen in Miami.


Helado Negro, aka Robert Carlos Lange, leaves us with a haunting and mesmerizing video of the lost immigrant and transient workers of Miami that are unnoticed by this lively city. His beautiful hypnotizing voice will send a voice of strength through his new released video titled “Dance Ghost.” Directed by David Merten and shot in Miami, this culturally stunning video illustrates the findings of the forgotten. The Invisible Life will be released on March 5 on Asthmatic Kitty. Check out Helado Negro’s new video to see what the fuss is all about.

“The story for this video is based around the chorus of the song Dance Ghost “There’s no one home just the ghosts who dance alone.” The video travels through Miami where you are trailing a character who embodies the idea of transient workers and immigrants who make up a large portion of Miami. They are ghosts to maybe most.” -Lange

Helado Negro – Dance Ghost from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

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Watch: Helado Negro Releases New Video “Dance Ghost”

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