Juliette Commagere Announces New Album Human

January 21st, 2013
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Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Juliette Commagere has announced on her official website her third and forthcoming album Human is currently in the works. A free download of the song “What We Get” is able below.

Juliette Commagere

The former vocalist and keytar player in Hello Stranger appeared on Puscifer’s 2010 release Conditions Of My Parole, which she had previously appeared on their 2007 “V” Is For Vagina debut album. Her last single and video was “Impact” from her 2010 release The Procession.

Her music had previously appeared on televisions shows such as Private Practice, Emily Owen’s M.D., Drop Dead Diva, Femme Fatales, The Power of Two, Good Dick, and All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.

She posted this statement on http://juliettecommagere.net:

“Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope it’s been off to a wonderful start. I had a bit of a rocky start myself with a couple of oh god please kill me now hangovers, but now I’ve turned over a new leaf and have been on a macrobiotic diet for one and a half days, so we’ll see how long this lasts. I love to make lists and am all about New Years resolutions and reflecting on the past year, and for so long I felt like I was getting nothing done with the year just flying by, but after some reflection I realize it has actually been a great and very productive year.

Joachim [Cooder] and I moved into a new house in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles–which has kept me very busy trying to rid it of the weird juju of the past tenants, I have a new record called “Human” almost ready to go (I was toying with calling it “I dreamed my Genesis” after the Dylan Thomas poem but Human goes better with the cover idea) , and Joachim and I produced a record for a new artist who just signed to Vanguard Records, Carly Ritter. I have to give myself a pat on the back for that one and say the record is phenomenal! After my last tour I came home exhausted and broke, and my shrink/shaman/psychic healer thought a break might be good for me. So a couple months turned into a few more than just a couple–but who’s counting. Then I slowly began writing songs for my new record. The first place I went to clear my head was Jerome, AZ where my friend Maynard [James Keenan] let me stay on his vineyard. It’s not far from Sedona and was the perfect place to be alone and let the ideas come. Jerome is 5000 feet above sea level and situated on the side of a cliff. The township is all these little Victorian houses literally hanging off the edge of the cliff, and at the end of the town there is a ghost town, and who doesn’t love a good ghost town.

From that vantage point you can see the whole desert–to Sedona and further. Imagining being up there in the 1800s you are are so completely alone. If you get gangrene or are giving birth, there is no one to depend on but the people around you. I highly recommend a trip there. There really is something about the desert–I definitely think I’m a desert girl as opposed to a mountain or a beach girl. Unless of course it’s a cold gray beach with no one on it and a storm is coming. And then I’m all over it. I went into this record with the idea that it would be a minimalist me (which I suppose is an oxymoron) and of course that’s not what happened, but I still think it somehow affected the overall sound. One song “Rebel” was already featured in the CW show Emily Owens MD. But I use the word featured lightly since it was almost inaudible. But I am not complaining!!! Not at all! Thank you Emily Owens!!! I’m shooting for a springtime release but please help yourself to the free download of “What We Get” on this website.

The holidays were difficult, my Grandmother passed away and it’s been very hard on my family. People often dismiss Grandparents’ passing (maybe it’s those people who never see their grandparents?), but even though she lived a long happy life it is never easy to say goodbye to someone, especially someone who has been such a huge part of your life. It’s such a profound experience to lose someone, and there is also something so startlingly matter of fact about it. Through the sadness I hope there will be a chance for true change. For once I actually feel optimistic and I hope I can sustain this feeling and not fall back into the jaded haze of horrible television, complaining and fear. I lost both of my grandmothers in the last three years and it just feels that so quickly I’ve moved up in my position in life and that I’m no longer a child, and I should embrace growing up instead of trying to deny it. I hope everyone has a beautiful 2013 and that we all can support each other’s dreams and artistic endeavors and find it in ourselves to put our excuses aside and just focus on all the things we dream about. Stop cleaning and make art! I’m not usually this heartfelt, but if there ever is a time to be, it’s now. And now it’s time to drift of on a cloud of lorazepam. Hugs and kisses from the sky.

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