Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass Reveal Potential Comedy-Rock Festival in Rolling Stones Interview

January 17th, 2013
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Tenacious D, composed of comedians Jack Black and Kyle Gass, met with The Rolling Stone for an interview regarding their successful Grammy nominated sophomore album, Rize of the Fenix. Their interview was quite casual and comedic (would we expect anything less?) and not only addressed their progression in the music industry but hinted at a possible upcoming event. Read on for more details.

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Leading with the topic of their Golden Globe award, Jack Black makes a stab at Hugh Jackman’s talent by saying: “If it’s a contest of who can sing better Dio covers, I think I would smoke him. If it’s who’s gonna be better at Sunday in the Park With George, then he’s gonna take the cake.” But when it comes down to it, the real winner here is Tenacious D with their album, Rize of the Fenix up for Best Comedy Album.

Considered a “comeback effort,” the album has reeled in quite a bit of success and allowed the two hooligans to theorize about embarking on some new comedic adventures. Apparently their next step is to do an unplugged, acoustic type of show.

Black states:

As good as our band is, there is a magic to just me and Kage. When me and Kage melt your faces off without any electric guitars and no drums, it’s almost, like, more impressive?

The uncertainty in his statement just exudes confidence, does it not? It is quite difficult to figure out whether or not Black’s attitude during the entire interview is sincere and honest, or if he’s just pulling our legs. Rolling Stone then asked if the two jokers if they would ever consider a rivalry with Flight of the Conchords, the comedic duo from New Zealand.

Black said:

We actually have been talking about joining forces, because we’ve always wanted to do a double bill. We’re working on a festival, called Festival Supreme. It’ll be a meeting of the minds. It’s gonna be like Mount Rockmore, where you’ve got your Flight of the Conchords, your Lonely Island, your Tenacious D, your Zach Galifianakis, your Spinal Tap, your Eric Idle.

Could it be?! As the interview goes on, this Festival Supreme becomes more like the real deal. According to Black, this show can be expected to happen on the Santa Monica Pier on October 19, 2013. Of course, “there’s no guarantee who’s gonna be on the bill,” says Black. “It might just be Tenacious D and Weird Al. But that’s a long ways off.”

This prospective event is about ten months away and quite a bit can happen in that length of time. As the date comes closer, more details should be announced. Then again, given who exactly is being interviewed here, can we really take them seriously on this event announcement? There may be a possibility that we may be getting excited over nothing. But for now, fans can at least revel in Tenacious D’s sophomore album and keep their fingers crossed that the jokes are appreciated enough to earn a Grammy.

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