Stumbleine – Spiderwebbed

January 10th, 2013
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Hidden Juxtaposition

Bristol based Stumbeline has a way with balancing its silky soft nature in a world of electronica.  The downtempo side from one of the members from Swarm, Stumbeline has released a new album, Spiderwebbed, that can both soothe and rock in a juxtaposition that by characteristics alone can seem unsuccessful. The genius of Spiderwebbed is an album that is a masterful contradiction, and the blending of music transforms sounds and emotions.

The ten track album kicks off with “Cherry Blossom,” a song incomparable with the remaining of Spiderwebbed yet one of the best tracks, with its synthesized rhythms and undertone vocals and beats (similar to Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy “ circa 1995).  Throwbacks aside, this is an album to be reckoned with especially with highlight “Honey Comb.” Bringing in an added dimension of confidence with a burghal feel, steadfast synths with a seemingly aerial whisper, it stays with you long after the song has finished.

Arrangements on the album flow freely from one track into the next, perfectly coordinating every drumbeat, synth and distorted guitar to rise and fall harmoniously as if it was never meticulously planned.  Rounding out the album is “Capulet.” Feathered in drum beats and faint hints of echoes layered on top create a predicable yet enticing song. Stumbleine’s creativity and sheer brilliance radiate throughout the album. Each song is uniquely distinct and effortless in delivery. Spiderwebbed makes you question why any previous Stumbleine albums aren’t already in your current music rotation.

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