Joyful Noise Recordings Announce Lineup for 2013 Flexi Disc Series Including Sufjan Stevens, the Melvins, Built to Spill and More

December 30th, 2012
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The Joyful Noise 2013 recording series is finally here and it’s time to get your subscription to exclusive recordings from twelve fabulous
This monthly delivery of music is limited to just 1000 subscriptions and comes in the form of a square, single-sided 7″ flexi-disc. Although this format is a bit unusual, the disc is guaranteed to be playable on any standard turntable. If you’re not interested in this flexi-disc and were hoping to get the exclusive music digitally or in any other form, well, you’re out of luck. The tracks won’t be released any where else so this is a one time opportunity. The album will also come with full artwork and a unique cover provided by the respective band. Each month is dedicated to a different band and there’s no way of knowing which month will be which band. You can get a standard subscription to this monthly surprise dose of music for just $5/month. Or, you can get the deluxe subscription for an additional $30 which includes a box to house your collection once it’s complete at the end of the year (pictured above). Below is the list of artists which will grace the flexi-disc series this year.
Built To Spill & Helvetia
Here We Go Magic
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
Rob Crow
Son Lux
Sufjan Stevens & Cat Martino
The Sea And Cake

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