Google Music Scan and Match Program Censors Explicit Songs, Some Users Unhappy

December 28th, 2012
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Google Music Scan, a platform to upload music to the cloud, seems to have a penchant for swapping explicit tracks out for “clean” tracks.


As TGDaily reported, a user might upload an original version of a track, complete with expletives, but then find that the clean version was actually downloaded – not the original.

Some users have complained about the censorship, noting that it is not limited to specific tracks or to specific artists. Any explicit track is seemingly swapped out for a clean version.

However, users are able to report incorrect matches if this problem should arise. Tracks are typically changed back within 24 hours.

Surprisingly, it seems that there are problems in the opposite direction as well. Reports have surfaced that a number of users who uploaded clean versions of tracks are having those replaced with explicit versions. Further, Google Music isn’t the only platform having this issue. Similar problems have occurred with iTunes Match.

By Elizabeth Hecker Posted in News