mxdwn’s Top 40 Songs of 2012

December 23rd, 2012
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2012 was a thunderous year for music. So much is released on a daily basis, in fact, that many find it impossible to keep up with all these happenings. Fortunately for you, that’s what mxdwn does best. The following tracks signify what matters in music in our modern age. Sit down, chill out, and listen to what we consider to be the most important songs of the year.

40. Dethklok – “The Galaxy”
Dethklok’s “The Galaxy” explodes in a fantastic mutation of three different melodic ideas: one, an unforgettable space rock lead riff, two, an escalating variation on the first and third a simple chugging counterpoint.
Ray Flotat

39. Only You – “Applying Myself”
The lively simplicity of beach rock crosses yet another border. Vocal melodies that are equal parts new-wave, folk, and Celtic crash into jangling cranberry colored guitars. What emerges is a sing-along that’s more fun than anything you’ve heard this year.
Sean Taras

38. Ken Stringfellow – “Shittalkers”
With an open letter to what could be critics, backstabbers, flighty fans or haters in general, Ken Stringfellow offers up a great piece of pained pop, desperately “keeping the streets safe from American kids.”
Matthew Stolarz

37. Ben Howard – “Everything”
Great songs can be wonderful without relying on riffs, as Ben Howard shows on this hook-free acoustic gem about loss and recovery and “Everything.” Just listen, imagine, and agree.
Chad Gorn

36. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Only in My Dreams”
Play it again and again. Lo-fi summer of love psychedelia looking through western tinted glasses. Equal parts cowboy and schoolboy, this is a perfectly written pop song for contemporary mods and the next wave of flower children.
Sean Taras
35. Jack White – “Blues on Two Trees”
Starting off with a swampy blues stop, Jack White suddenly spits rhymes like ’80s hip hop as we’re sucked in and out of a creepy tale of love and trees.
Matthew Stolarz

34. Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”
Need a little time to clear your mind? Listen to Passion Pit’s steady beats and calming melody mixed in with lyrics that advise one on how to handle a stressful situation.
Antoinette Ochoa

33. Patrick Watson – “Into Giants”
“We carried our love in cups to go,” sings Watson on the most vibrant track on his newest release. This life-affirming song sure has a way about it, a way that strikes an internal chord and motivates you to act, stay young and be love.
Carey Uhl

32. Sleigh Bells – “Demons”
If your ears survive the buzzsaw guitar, then the bass-drum pounding will do you in. If not, Alexis Krauss’ insistent shouting will get you. One way another Sleigh Bells’ “Demons” will bury you, but it hurts so good.
Chad Gorn

31. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – “The Killing Type”
Amanda Palmer’s unique storytelling talents and rocking dyanmics allow her to musically explain how a person craving attention from the one they love will drive them to do anything for it, even kill.
Antoinette Ochoa

30. Scott Walker – “Epizootics”
With its gaseous horn section and drifting, spacey progression, Scott Walker’s “Epizootics,” one of the singer’s impossibly odd cuts on Bisch Bosch, just about takes the rotten cake. Stumbling like a puke-stained drunkard in a dark alley, the 10-minute epic wheezes with siren-like horns and off-the-wall imagery courtesy of Walker’s trademarked talk-singing. What more can be said? Scott Walker is an American treasure, and “Epizootics” is just another heart-stopping proof.
Owen Schumacher

29. Foxy Shazam – “Holy Touch”
On first listen, there’s the risk here of misheard lyrics. “Kill me with your horny touch,” is it? No? Well, whether you expect over-the-top sexuality or actually get salvation through love, the Cincinnati sextet add legitimacy to the kind of winking cock-rock offered up by the likes of The Darkness and Steel Panther.
Adam Blyweiss

28. Beck featuring Jack White – “I Just Started Hating Some People Today”
This song can only be described in one way, interesting. This time with the help of Jack White Beck switches from country to punk, then ending with a funky jam making this listener yearn for more.
William Hannan

27. Cat Power – “Ruin”
One listen to the deft harmonies found on Cat Power’s “Ruin” and it becomes easy to appreciate how hard the band worked on nailing this song during practice. While it may sound familiar to a hit produced by any number of animal-print-sporting, glitter-toting ’80s glam bands, Cat Power has done well to take the popular rock music during the decade of decadence and modernize it with their own personal flair – and “Ruin” is a great example of this. This silky smooth jam will make you want to grab some friends and drive all through the night.
Ryan Stabile

26. M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”
In the land of entitled hip hop princesses, M.I.A has reminded us again why she’s a queen. Simple, catchy, and upbeat, Bad Girls sticks out as an anthem for women who want to “leave the boys behind” and go out and have some fun.
Laura Ansill

25. Bob Mould – “The Descent”
“The Descent” is a mixture of all things good one would remember from Husker Du. Crunchy distorted guitars colliding into dynamic vocals recreating the era in which Bob was a God.
William Hannan

24. Andrew Bird – “Desperation Breeds …”
Andrew Bird brings us a truly original style of modern folk music that showcases his voice and spectacular violin playing with “Desperation Breeds …”, which stands as one of the most touching and beautiful songs of the year.
Laura Ansill

23. Ben Folds Five – “Do It Anyway”
13 years since their last proper album, Ben Folds Five reunite and release a upbeat song of positive encouragement, featuring the crashing piano and creative vocals that made them so great.
Matthew Stolarz

22. Between the Buried and Me – “Telos”
“Telos” is a healthy ten minutes of prog-metal and mathcore action, catering to Dillinger Escape Plan and Tera Melos fans. Time signatures have never been this much fun (and scary)!
Terence Calacsan

Strange Thunder

21. Howlin’ Rain – “Strange Thunder”
This is a track that rivals “Freebird” in its epic portion. The haunting tale knows when to sound sweet and when to become explosive, slowly building to a climax reminiscent of our best keepsakes from ’60s and ’70s psychedelia.
Carey Uhl

20. Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines”
Jack White’s “Sixteen Saltines” eloquently laces together White’s signature unbridled
musical passion with a vividly tragic song about the tribulations of chronically pining after the fast, beautiful and unobtainable. Featuring untamed guitar solos, splashing drums, two-part falsetto harmonies, and grooves that hit the spot, “Sixteen Saltines” is perfectly imperfect.
Aisha Humphrey

19. Grimes – “Genesis”
Remember when everyone first started getting on the Radiohead bandwagon way back in the day? That type of just-before-its-time art-house music shares many parallels with Grimes, and her single, “Genesis”, from her 2012 album, Visions, is no different. While Grimes’ lucid vocals continue to elude sound engineers, they are enthralling fans internationally. In the song, “Genesis”, Grimes shows us that there is truly no end to the amount of vocal layers you can use. Definitely a post-production all-star.
Ryan Stabile

18. Horse Feathers – “Fit Against the Country”
This is the Occupy Wall Street of folk music—characteristically sweet tenor vocals from Horse Feathers frontman Justin RIngle, cinematic crescendos of shivering strings, warm banjos, and subtly hypnotic guitar melodies, all wrapped into one critique of the modern-day working man’s plight.
Charlee Redman

17. Florence and the Machine featuring Josh Homme – “Jackson”
Earlier this year, the Internet was lit afire when Florence Welch and Josh Homme covered Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler’s “Jackson” on Unplugged. The simple folk song is rings true like an ode by the forefathers of folk, but the true magnetism of the song relies on the chemistry between Welch and Homme in this uncharacteristic duet.
Carey Uhl

16. Sharon Van Etten – “Magic Chords”
Sharon Van Etten has a way about her that makes you stop what you are doing and just listen to that sweet, crooning voice. With “Magic Chords,” we are reminded of a truth that can even evades a great poker player, that sometimes you’ve got to lose. By the end of the song, Van Etten effectively turns the phrase on its head with the quick quip, “you got nothing to lose this time.”
Carey Uhl

15. Flight of the Conchords – “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)”
New Zealand’s fourth most popular band sign on to do a “charity song” for Cure Kids! in honor of Red Nose Day. The hilarious “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)” features a whole host of New Zealand superstars, drawing inspiration both musical and lyrical from conversations the band had with children.
April Siese

14. Sleigh Bells – “End of the Line”
When it comes to 2012’s Song of the Year, let’s talk Sleigh Bells. Their single, “End of the Line”, is a complex mix of cozy and comfortable melodies with warming vocals while simultaneously angsty and sorrowful. The lyrics are clear, both in meaning as well as being entirely audible, which is a quality missing from more and more new music. The synergy of inhumanly fast drumming, dragging guitar rhythms, vocals reminiscent of a whispering angel, and the repetitious harmony of all three on “End of the Line” create not only a great song anyone who has ever loved and lost can relate to, but a well-rounded song altogether.
Ryan Stabile

13. Between The Buried And Me – “Lay Your Ghosts To Rest”
“Lay Your Ghosts To Rest” is dissonant, proggy and heavy enough to melt your face while you two-step and floor punch your way into a frenzy. Between the Buried and Me do what they do best: deliver interesting post-hardcore/metal relevant to this decade. The guitarwork alone will make you sweat.
Terence Calacsan

12. Devin Townsend Project – “Liberation”
In the case of Epicloud where songs shift moods and dynamics, it’s nice to have one that begins at top speed and stays there. “Liberation” starts with a simple heavy riff and kicks into powerful vocals delivering at least three unforgettable hooks. It never lets up, which aids in conveying its message of hope in the process of moving on: “it can only get bitter or better.”
Chad Gorn

11. Alt-J – “Fitzpleasure”
Deliciously dark, buzzing bass notes thrum under heavy synths in this single from the UK-based band Alt-J. Trebly vocals warble over syncopated percussion in a rambling, big sound worthy of a modern-day Zeppelin song. “Fitzpleasure” constantly evolves, sinuously changing tempo and instrumentation, but it’s always interesting.
Charlee Redman

10. The Darkness – “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us”
After a reunion in 2011, fans have been perched at the edge of their seats waiting for The Darkness to return, and they have come back full force with their new single “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us.” Short but full of energy, their return really packs a punch, giving its listeners the catchy glam rock inspired feel of their earlier records along with maturation and broadening of their musical styles’ reach that would be expected from a band with over a decade under their belt. Definitely a must hear for fans of their older music, and new listeners wanting a feel good track that they can turn all the way up and sing along to.
Laura Ansill

9. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – “Want it Back”
Sustained, ethereal synth and stacatto piano chords may drive the core of “Want it Back” but what’s truly in control of this song is Palmer’s lyrics and vocals. It’s even on visual display as the first music video release from her critically acclaimed Theatre is Evil album. Ink and lyrics stain both the band and their environment. It’s an evocative accompaniment when paired with “Want it Back” and points to Palmer’s engrossing irresistability; one that helped fund and produce her latest musical endeavor. “Want it Back” pulls you in completely and bares all.
April Siese

8. Extra Life – “First Song”
Despite singer–songwriter Charlie Looker and company since parting ways, Extra Life’s delicately-crafted American Gothic album, Dream Seeds, proved their unforgettable black swan song. Unfolding like some Hawthorne-era tale of foreboding and revenge, its very strange and personal tracks build one on top of the other like acts in a play. The set list’s interplay notwithstanding, however, “First Song” perhaps best crystalizes the album’s willful oddness and rich character development, as it lilts with darkly romantic guitars, warlike drumming and Looker’s inimitably melancholic tone. Between each stab of a quaking synth, the singer performs from the outcast perspective of a neighbor who may or may not be a child-harming freak. The character’s cajoling chorus, presumably directed at one of Dream Seeds’ innocent children, makes an equal-parts soaring and unnerving melody of the words, “A heart-shaped Rice Krispie treat / I hope you’re still sweet at 14”—only to finish with the words, “Don’t you ever forget how to sing / Grown-ups don’t know anything.” Aside from its stark and engaging arrangement, the song’s integrity, pathos and even humor make it one of 2012’s most haunting entries.
Owen Schumacher

7. TEEN – “Electric”
For a group of newcomers, TEEN’s “Electric” is an auspicious debut brimming world-weary pondering. The three sisters and close friend aim for dark shades of ’60s psych rock with haunting backing vocals. Lead singer guitarist/vocalist Teeny Lieberson sings as if lost in a dream, “Everyone’s disposable / picture perfect, paint a perfect picture.” Each line seems adrift in musing, not lost in questioning. The song shifts from one eerie yet inviting phrase into another, until finally expanding into the songs enveloping crescendo, swirls of feedback dancing amidst the fade-out. It’s just catchy enough to stick in your brain, and edgy enough that each respective noise and bleep enrapture your attention.
Ray Flotat

6. Cat Power – “Cherokee”
Cat Power abandons the quiet, introspective folk she became known for and adopts a smooth electric guitar and slick drums on “Cherokee.” Rich, melodic keys undergird layers of interweaving vocal harmonies, creating a veritable tapestry of sound. “Cherokee” is Cat Power at one of her darkest and most evocative moments on Sun. While it boasts an upbeat tempo, the song laments “Never knew pain like this / everything dies,” melding sadness with pervasive natural imagery, Cherokee burial tradition, and the occasional cry of a hawk, to punctuate the chorus. “Cherokee” may be one of Cat Power’s most straightforward songs, but it boasts her signature knack for seamless composition and lyrical poignancy.
Charlee Redman

5. Santigold – “The Keepers”
Produced by Greg Kurstin (The Bird and The Bee), master of creating worlds of depth and dimension with music, Santigold’s single “The Keepers” not only transports us to a musical manifestation of being lost in an apocalyptic jungle, but acts as a warrior cry for American social consciousness.

“The Keepers” opens with tribal drum rhythms, as if to gather listeners around a fire to hear a great Sage impart ancient wisdom. Santigold’s betrayingly juvenile voice slashes through the track with a cryptic “I walk by with smoke in my eyes, like we don’t know where we’ve been.” Very much harkening to George Santayana’s infamous quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

Though definitely, a catchy, club-ready track, “The Keepers” is a heavily armed call to
action. Whether it’s cleverly handing the listener the double-entendre of “Our house is burning down” (think Parliament’s “the roof is on fire” vs. the figurative house burning down), or by delegating collective responsibility (“We’re the keepers/While we sleep in America”), to those willing to listen, Santigold’s single is a poignant, timely masterpiece, reminding us that we have the power to make a positive change or watch our world pass away.
Aisha Humphrey

4. Gorillaz featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 – “DoYaThing”
In celebration of Gorillaz-themed Converse and as part of the shoe company’s Three Artists, One Song series, “DoYaThing” mixes Gorillaz’s signature sound with Andre 3000’s frenetic rapping and James Murphy’s ear for soundscapes. The percussive synth that starts it runs straight into a driving horn riff and 2D’s lackadaisical freestyle rhymes. Effects dance around the chorus, lifting off and propelling the song in a whole other direction once Andre 3000 takes the mic. The freakier half of Outkast’s deft rhymes and impassioned singing makes you long for him to just make his own damn solo album already. Murphy’s influence is more subtle; he even assumes the role of a postman baboon in the equally engrossing video, issuing a notice of eviction to 2D as the camera zooms out and up. The success of “DoYaThing” makes you wonder if this may be more than a one-off collaboration. With the duo behind Gorillaz at somewhat an impasse and on indefinite hiatus, Andre 300 focusing more on acting, and Murphy freshly retired from LCD Soundsystem, this unexpected earworm may be all we have to cling to from either of the three artists for a while.
April Siese

3. Devin Townsend Project – “True North”
Devin Townsend Project’s Epicloud is amply stocked with an arsenal of orchestral metal tracks, but “True North” proves perhaps its biggest gun. Coalescing DTP’s quirky hybrid of theater, Queen-like pomposity and aggressive metal passages, the happy–heavy song starts with an ear-worm choir melody repeating the line, “I love you, I love you / I need you / I’ve always been around you,” later exploding with a cacophony of splendorous keys and guitar crunches. At the 1:20 mark, its trajectory suddenly veers course for more doubtful and introspective territory, finally overturning with anxious guitar scrapes and Devin repeating the line, “Where do we go from here?” Shortly after, a staccato union of guitars and drums slam with foreboding force as Devin and the choir counter with hopeful but reticent croons, perhaps suggestive of the faith-versus-fear struggle of a romantic relationship. Crashing out of a swirl of noises impish and angelic, good finally prevails with the choir’s closing shout of “Everyone into forever / Everything a part of me / Dancing on into Whenever / Effervescent Quality.” And with that, after such a stunning spate of gravitational warfare, stasis is once more found, and one’s faith can again be placed in “True North,” one of 2012’s most ambitious and cathartic songs.
Owen Schumacher

2. Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Windshield Smasher”
Black Moth Super Rainbow has always provided its listeners with innovative and entertaining music, and they have done it once again with their new track “Windshield Smasher.” Upbeat, catchy, and high energy, this song finally uses autotune in a way that many of us have been waiting for. One of the first acceptable uses of this kind of musical technology since “Autotune the News”, Black Moth uses these effects to enhance the electronic style of the track, rather than using it to overcompensate for a complete lack of talent.

With the increasing popularity of computer generated music, more and more artists have been utilizing it to cover up poor vocals and general lack of musicality, and it is quite refreshing to see such a talented and creative band use it in this manner. It is this kind of innovation that makes this band such a joy to listen to and to watch mature and expand their musical reach.

A perfect combination of subdued post rock, dance beat heavy electronic, and even a dash of lo-fi, makes “Windshield Smasher” a great track for new listeners to find, and something that many old fans will enjoy. This song, and the rest of the album, is a perfect fit for anyone looking for something animated, “can’t get it out of your head” catchy, or an example of computer generated music done right, and definitely stands out as one of the greats this year.
Laura Ansill

1. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – “Bottom Feeder”
In an album over-loaded with stellar songs, “Bottom Feeder” is the one that jumps out amidst the pack. Like much the rest of Amanda Palmer’s excellent Album of the Year winning Theatre is Evil, Palmer has arrived at the pinnacle of her songwriting confidence. All of “Bottom Feeder” is an exercise in immaculate and complementary melodic ideas. The plunging piano lines and the slowly tumbling/rolling vocals in each verse (”Why you always kicking up the sand / kicking up the sand / you block your sisters so the sunbeams miss her) set the song’s pace and then only expand on it in subtle nuance until the song’s wailing conclusion.

It continues in low sighs, “Why you gotta be like that? / You’re never gonna bring him back / big fish, little fish / throw me in the water cause I want to be a bottom feeder.” The lyrics are evocative and colorful, illuminating a story that is both longing for that which others throw away too easily, and how just maybe some of those things should never be let go of. Like much of this year’s Album and Song of the Year list, it revels in a nimble and thoughtful use of all styles. Whatever styles and bits are pertinent. It’s a selective and intelligent approach to a world overwrought with information and opinions, largely forgetting the important parts of life.
Ray Flotat

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Outside Lands Day 3: Stevie Wonder, Jack White, Santigold
Jack White – Lazaretto
The White Stripes – Icky Thump
Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi – Rome
Ferocious: Jack White and The Peacocks Live at The Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles 5/31/12 (Photos, Set List and More)

Top Story
Austin City Limits Music Festival Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Black Keys, Jack White and More
Nominees for 55th Annual Grammy Awards 2013 Announced, Album of the Year Candidates Actually Relevant Including The Black Keys’ El Camino, Mumford & Sons’ Babel, and Jack White’s Blunderbuss
Jack White, Karen Elson and More From Third Man Records to Perform at SXSW 2012 Texas Stand-Off
Bonnaroo Announces 2014 Lineup Featuring Elton John, Kanye West, Jack White and More
Outside Lands Festival Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Jack White and More
Lollapalooza 2012 Lineup Announced Featuring Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Jack White and More

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High Fidelity
Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials

Special Florence and the Machine Video Now Online
Stream Florence & the Machine’s New Album Ceremonials
Watch: Yeasayer Debut Their New Creator’s Project Stage Design on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Florence And The Machine Announce Work On A New Album
Florence and The Machine Release New Video Off Ceremonials
Florence Welch Announces New Dance Music Project Called Simply Side Project
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Announce New Album Days of Abandon for April 2014 Release + Spring 2014 Tour Dates
Florence and the Machine Release Video for Twilight’s “Heavy in Your Arms”
Watch: New Florence + The Machine Video for “Spectrum”
WATCH: Florence Welch Covers Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”
Florence & the Machine Premiere Video for Cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away”
The Walkmen Announce New Album Heaven For June 2012 Release
Watch: Rolling Stones Perform “Gimme Shelter” With Florence Welch
2009 Mercury Prize Nominees Announced
Beale St. Music Festival Announces 2012 Lineup
Florence + The Machine Announce Spring and Summer 2012 Tour Dates
Florence Welch Stops Mid-song to Break Up Fight Between Fans
Florence + the Machine Release KCRW Session on Vinyl
Watch: New Florence and the Machine Video For “Lover to Lover”
Grouplove To Release Debut EP January 25
Florence Welch to Take a Year-Long Hiatus
Governors Ball Music Festival 2015 Lineup Announced Featuring The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, And Florence And The Machine

Various Artists – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack
Florence and the Machine at the SPIN Year in Music Party

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Watch: New Flight of the Conchords Video “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)”
Flight of the Conchords Consider Making a Movie
Oddball Festival Threatens Ejection For Heckling on Remaining Shows Following Dave Chapelle’s Set in Hartford
Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords Scoring Music for New Musical
Flight of the Conchords Announce Three New York City Shows Set for August 17th, 18th, and 19th

Flight of the Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky

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High Fidelity
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

Gorillaz iTunes Sessions EP Now Available
Albarn Hints at End for Gorillaz
Gorillaz to Release Singles Collection on November 28
Damon Albarn Announces New Summer 2014 Tour Dates
Gorillaz Reveal Storyboard Teaser for “Rhinestone Eyes”
Gorillaz Announce More Details for Christmas Day Album “The Fall”
Damon Albarn Production Collective Announces Release of Benefit Album
Damon Albarn Denies the Possible Demise of Blur and Gorillaz
Damon Albarn Talks About Possibility of New Gorillaz Album
N.E.R.D. to Tour with the Gorillaz
The Latest On Gorillaz’ Highly Anticipated Ipad Album
Possible Erykah Badu and Gorillaz Collaboration
Damon Albarn Hints at the Possible Demise of Gorillaz and Blur
LISTEN: Damon Albarn Streams New Songs “Everyday Robots” and “Lonely Press Play”
Gorillaz “Welcome to the World of The Plastic Beach” Concert Intro Video
Damon Albarn Premieres Dr. Dee Opera at Manchester International Festival
No New Album for Outkast Says Andre 3000
Damon Albarn to Perform at Sundance Film Festival
Gorillaz Release “Stylo” Video Starring Bruce Willis
Gorillaz – Coachella Stage
Hear the Snoop Dog/Gorillaz Collab “”Sumthin Like This Night”
WATCH: Damon Albarn Teases New Solo Album
Gorillaz’s Albarn says Two Plastic Beach Sequels Possible
Gorillaz Cover The xx
Gorillaz Digital Album, The Fall, Set For Vinyl Release April 16
Watch: Video for Gorillaz Featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy “DoYaThing”
LISTEN: Gorillaz Release Stream of Previously Unreleased Orchestral Track “Whirlwind”
Damon Albarn Finally Reveals Vague Details On Upcoming Gorillaz Album
Gorillaz Not Breaking Up
Gorillaz to Release New Song “DoYaThing” Featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000
Jamie Hewlett Speaks About the Future of Gorillaz, Also Confirms New Blur Album
U2 Cancel, Reschedule U.S. Dates, Gorillaz To Fill In At Glastonbury
Damon Albarn To Release Album With Flea and Tony Allen
Gorillaz Fan Site Releases Two Disc Live Compilation
Damon Albarn Discusses The Future of Blur and His First Solo Album
Damon Albarn Announces Possible New Gorillaz And The Good The Bad & The Queen Albums

Gorillaz – Demon Days
DRC Music – Kinshasa One Two

Top Story
Gorillaz Announce First World Tour
New Gorillaz Album Finally Releases On Christmas Day
Listen: MP3 of 13-Minute Rendition of Gorillaz Featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 “DoYaThing” Hits the Web
Special Guests Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue and The Edge Own Glastonbury 2010

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mxdwn Best of SXSW 2014
mxdwn Best of SXSW 2012

Metermaids Plan Sleigh Bells Remix EP, Release Free Song
Watch: Sleigh Bells Perform “Comeback Kid” and “End of the Line” on Saturday Night Live
Sleigh Bells New Album Title Rumored To Be Bitter Rivals
WATCH: Sleigh Bells And Tink Release New Video For “That Did It”
Sleigh Bells Announce First Round of 2012 US Tour Dates
Sleigh Bells Forced to Cancel and Reschedule Shows Due to Injury
Sleigh Bells Announce New Song Stream, Music Video, and Album Details Coming September 3rd
WATCH: Sleigh Bells Perform “Minnie” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Sleigh Bells Announce April 2014 Tour Dates
LISTEN: Sleigh Bells And Tink Release New Song “That Did It”
Sleigh Bells Announce Even More Summer 2012 Tour Dates
Sleigh Bells Announces Release Date For Forthcoming Album, Reign of Terror
Treasure Island Music Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Including Atoms for Peace, Beck, Animal Collective, and More
Watch: Beck and Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells Perform “Let’s Get Lost” Live at Treasure Island Music Festival
Red Bull Sound Select 4 Days In Austin SXSW 2014: Day 3 ft. Sleigh Bells
HARD Announces Los Angeles Show Featuring M.I.A., N*E*R*D, and more
Watch: New Sleigh Bells Video For “Demons”
Sleigh Bells Promise New 2013 Album Will Not Be “A Downer”
Watch: Sleigh Bells Performs “Bitter Rivals” and “Tiger Kit” on Jimmy Kimmel
NXNE Announce 2014 Lineup Featuring St. Vincent, Danny Brown, Run the Jewels and More
Pitchfork/Windish Austin Party and Pitchfork Showcase
Sleigh Bells Release New Video for “Rill Rill”
Pitchfork Music Festival Adds Sleigh Bells, Dirty Projectors, Flying Lotus and More to 2012 Lineup
Watch: New Sleigh Bells Video “End of the Line”
WATCH: Sleigh Bells Play “Young Legends” on Letterman
Sleigh Bells Announce Summer 2014 Tour Dates
Beyonce and Sleigh Bells in the Studio with Diplo
Watch: See Five Videos From Sleigh Bells Performance at VEVO’s SXSW 2012 Event
Sleigh Bells Announce Fall 2012 Tour Dates with araabMUZIK and Select Dates with Refused
Watch: Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark Perform “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” With Cyndi Lauper
LISTEN: Sleigh Bells Cover “Chloroform” by Phoenix
Sleigh Bells Unveil Fiery New Video for “Infinity Guitars”
4 Artists 1 Cause: A Benefit Concert For Sandy Relief Efforts 2013 Lineup Announced
LISTEN: Sleigh Bells Release Stream of New Song “You Don’t Get Me Twice”
Firefly Music Festival Announces 2014 Lineup Featuring Foo Fighters, Outkast and Jack Johnson
Metermaids – “The Bedford Kings” Sleigh Bells Remix Free Download
VEVO Presents at SXSW 2012 Day Parties and Official Showcase Announced Featuring Nas and Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells Promise to Release Yet-To-Be-Titled New Album in 2013
Sleigh Bells Confirm New Album Bitter Rivals Set for October 2013 Release and Announce Fall 2013 Tour Dates
The Roots, Perry Farrell And Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss Will Play A Tribute Show For Talking Heads’ David Byrne

Sleigh Bells, Live at Terminal 5
SXSW Day 3: Sleigh Bells, Soundgarden, Damon Albarn and More
Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror
Fuck Yeah, Hardcore – FYF Fest 2012 Day 1 at LA State Historic Park (Review, Photos and More)
Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals
The Buku Music + Arts Project 2014, Day 1
Sleigh Bells Live at Festival Pier in Philadelphia

Top Story
S.S. Coachella Music Festival At Sea 2012 Lineup Announced Featuring Pulp, Hot Chip and More
FYF Fest 2012 Lineup Announced Featuring Headliners Refused, M83, Beirut and More

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High Fidelity
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

Black Angels and Reverberation Appreciation Society Announce Austin Psych Fest Line-Up
Watch: Insane New Black Moth Super Rainbow Video For “Windshield Smasher”
Tobacco Announces Summer 2014 Tour Dates
Listen: New Black Moth Super Rainbow Song “Windshield Smasher”
Tobacco Releases New Track “Father Sister Berzerker”
Black Moth Super Rainbow Announces Kickstarter For New Album Cobra Juicy, Hilarious Video From Eric Wareheim
Black Moth Super Rainbow Announce Spring 2013 Tour Dates
LISTEN: Tobacco Releases New Track “Streaker”
Fun Fun Fun Fest Leaks First 7 Bands on 2012 Lineup
Tobacco Announces New Album Ultima II Massage for May 2014 Release
Fun Fun Fun Fest Leaks First 7 Bands on 2012 Lineup
Listen: Black Moth Super Rainbow Releases Stream of New Single “Like A Sundae”
Listen: Stream Black Moth Super Rainbow’s New Song “Spraypaint”
The Flaming Lips Collaborating With Black Moth Super Rainbow and Ben Gibbard
Demon Queen Releases Super Bizarre Video *NSWF* for Song “Demon Practice”
Black Moth Super Rainbow Announces Fall Tour, Releases Extended Album
Listen: Black Moth Super Rainbow Release Stream of “Gangs In The Garden”
Black Moth Super Rainbow Reports Robbery of Show Equipment, Not Sure If Tour Will Continue
Nickelodeon Possibly Rips Off A Tobacco Song

The Seven Fields of Aphelion – Periphery
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Dandelion Gum
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us
Demon Queen (TOBACCO & Zackey Force Funk) – Exorcise Tape

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Passion Pit Cancel Tour Dates So Frontman Can “Improve His Mental Health”
Hype Machine Hype Hotel SXSW 2013 Day Parties and Showcases Announced
Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2015 Lineup Announced Featuring Imagine Dragons, The Avett Brothers And Passion Pit
Passion Pit Announce Fall 2012 Tour Dates
Camp Bisco Announces 2013 Lineup Including Bassnectar, Passion Pit, Animal Collective and More
Life is Beautiful Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Including The Killers, Kings of Leon, Beck, and More
LISTEN: Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos Releases New Sample of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”
Bumbershoot Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Jane’s Addiction
Musicfest NW Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Passion Pit, Silversun Pickups and More
First City Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Featuring Modest Mouse, Passion Pit, MGMT, and More
Buku Music + Art Project 2015 Lineup Announced Featuring Passion Pit, Die Antwoord And TV On The Radio
Passion Pit Announce New Album for Spring 2011
Listen: Stream Passion Pit’s New Single “Take a Walk”
sweetlife Food and Music Fest Announces 2013 Lineup Including Phoenix, Passion Pit, Kendrick Lamar and More
The Joy Formidable Announce Tour, Sign With Passion Pit’s Label
Listen: Stream Passion Pit’s New Single “Take a Walk”
Passion Pit’s Gear Destroyed by Storm In Chicago
Governors Ball Music Festival Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Beck, Passion Pit and More
Buku Music + Art Project Festival 2013 Lineup Announced Including Passion Pit, Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris and More
Webcast: Watch Live Stream of Passion Pit Performing at #feedthebeat SXSW 2013 Party
WATCH: Passion Pit Perform Hour-Long Set on Letterman
Passion Pit Debut Two New Songs at Moogfest 2011
#FEEDTHEBEAT SXSW 2013 Party Featuring Passion Pit
Kanrocksas Announces 2013 Lineup Including Passion Pit, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, fun. and More
Alt-J Announces Fall 2013 Tour Dates
Passion Pit Announce New Album Kindred For April 2015 Release

Coachella 2013 Weekend 2 Day 1 (Review, Photos and More)
Dance Fever – Hot Chip, Passion Pit and Omar Souleyman Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Top Story
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 Lineup Announced Includes Slayer, Public Enemy, Passion Pit, Henry Rollins and More

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Interview: Dan Briggs of Between The Buried And Me Promises It’s Only Going to Get More Complicated
mxdwn’s Top 40 Albums of 2012

High Fidelity
Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Meshuggah and Between the Buried and Me Announce Summer 2014 Tour Dates
Between the Buried and Me Announce New Album, Tour
Announcing Cool Tour 2010
Between The Buried And Me Announce Spring 2014 Tour Dates
New England Metal and Hardcore Festival 2015 Lineup Announced Featuring Testament, Exodus, And Between The Buried And Me
Between the Buried and Me Announce New Album The Parallax II: Future Sequence For October 2012 Release
Between The Buried And Me Announce Fall 2013 Tour Dates, To Perform Parts I and II of “The Parallax” In Its Entirety
Between The Buried And Me Announce They Are Working On A New Album

Thomas Giles – Modern Noise
Russian Circles, Between the Buried and Me and Coheed and Cambria, Live at the Wiltern
South By So What?! 2014

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M.I.A. Releases Free Download of New Mixtape
Bestival Announces 2013 Lineup Including M.I.A., The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand and More
M.I.A.’s New Album Matangi Gets Release Date Following Leaked Album Threat
NFL Seeking $16.6 Million From M.I.A, for Halftime Middle Finger
Interscope Doesn’t Want to Release M.I.A.’s New Album Because It’s “Too Positive”
M.I.A. Threatens To Leak Her Album Next Week If Interscope “Takes Longer”
HARD Events Announces Two Miami Shows Featuring Boys Noize, M.I.A., Basement Jaxx and More
M.I.A. Streams New Album On MySpace
New M.I.A. Documentary Featuring Kanye West and Diplo Leaked, Has Since Been Removed After Director Quits Project
Moogfest Announce 2014 Lineup Featuring Kraftwerk, Chic, Giorgio Moroder and More
FIB Festival Announces 2014 Lineup Including Paolo Nutini, The Libertines and Kasabian
M.I.A. Says Government is Behind Facebook, Google
Listen: M.I.A. Leaks New Track “atTENTtion” To Begging Fans
LISTEN: New M.I.A. Song “Only 1 U” Streaming Online
M.I.A. Parts With Jay Z’s Roc Nation
M.I.A. announces new album via Twitter, Matangi, due this December
WATCH: M.I.A. Releases New Video for Song “Bring the Noize”
Ultra Music Festival Announce 2014 Lineup Featuring David Guetta, The Glitch Mob, M.I.A. and More
M.I.A. to Write Music For Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange’s New TV Show
Summer Sonic 2013 Reveals Lineup Featuring Metallica, Muse, The Smashing Pumpkins, and More
Listen: M.I.A. Releases New Song “Y.A.L.A.”
WATCH: Janelle Monae and M.I.A. Perform Eachother’s Shows as Holograms
LISTEN: M.I.A. Release Stream of New Song “Bring The Noize”
M.I.A. Asks for Public Help Fighting NFL Lawsuit for $1.5 Million Over Giving Middle Finger During Superbowl
WEBCAST: Watch Live Stream of Ultra Music Festival 2014
Watch: Saturday Night Live Parodies Both M.I.A. and Bjork
Corona Capital Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Featuring Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Deadmau5, and More
LISTEN: M.I.A. Releases Stream of New Song “Come Walk With Me”
M.I.A. Announces Spring and Summer 2014 Tour Dates

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014 Day Two
M.I.A. – Kala

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High Fidelity
LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

James Murphy to Act Alongside Tim Heidecker in a Feature Film Called The Comedy
James Murphy Says LCD Soundsystem Final Show Live Album is in the Works
Pulp Announces New Album After You Set for April 2013 Release
Max and Igor Cavalera Formerly of Sepultura Forming New Band That Is “Metal Version of The White Stripes” Being Produced by James Murphy
Virgin Mobile Festival Announces Lineup
James Murphy Files Lawsuit Against DFA Records Founder Tim Goldsworthy
WATCH: Arcade Fire Release Teaser Trailer for New Album Reflektor
Listen: Pulp and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Release New Track “After You”
III Points Announces First-Ever III Points Festival and Reveals 2013 Lineup Featuring James Murphy, Jamie xx, Jacques Greene, and More
James Murphy’s Full Album Remixes Made With Tennis Data Available To Stream
Arcade Fire Announce New Album Set for October 2013 Release
LISTEN: James Murphy Releases New Song Made From Tennis Data “Match 176”
LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Confirmed Working With Arcade Fire For Upcoming Album
Arcade Fire To Release New Music from Upcoming Album This September
LISTEN: James Murphy Releases US Open Remixes
Watch: New Clip From Film The Comedy Featuring James Murphy
Kathleen Hanna Shares Updates On Revived Solo Project the Julie Ruin
James Murphy Writing Music for Broadway Show Starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz
James Murphy Making Music Using Tennis Data
Watch: Trailer for LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up And Play The Hits

Various Artists – Music from the Comedy, A Film By Rick Alverson

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High Fidelity
Cat Power – Sun

Beck to Perform with Cat Power, No Age at Station to Station Event in Barstow
Nelsonville Music Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Including Wilco, Cat Power, Gogol Bordello, and More
Cat Power Announces Fall 2012 Tour Dates
Nelsonville Music Festival Announces 2013 Lineup Including Wilco, Cat Power, and Gogol Bordello
Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues Playing Benefit Concert Sunday 8/24 In St. Louis
Cat Power Announce New Album Sun For September 2012 Release
Modern Sky Festival Announces 2014 Lineup Including Cat Power, Atomic Bomb! the Music of William Onyeabor and Stars
Watch: Cat Power Releases Funny Or Die Video Performing Childhood Songs For Second Grade Classroom
Pixies, Gogol Bordello and Cat Power to Play the Hollywood Bowl September 28
Cat Power Formally Postpones European Tour Dates Until Early 2013
Mick Turner (Dirty Three) Announces New Album Don’t Tell the Driver For November 2013 Release
Cat Power May Cancel European Tour, Struggling with Angioedema and Bankruptcy
WATCH: Beck Performs New Song “Wake Up” During Station to Station
Cat Power Cancels Two Shows Due To Health Issues
LISTEN: Willis Earl Beal Releases Stream of New Song “Coming Through” Featuring Cat Power

Leave it All on the Table – The Pixies, Gogol Bordello and Cat Power Live at the Hollywood Bowl
J Mascis – Tied to a Star

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High Fidelity
Sharon Van Etten- Tramp

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Announce Spring 2013 Tour Dates
Sharon Van Etten Announces New Album Are We There for May 2014 Release
The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver Compilation Album Announced For February 2013 Release Featuring My Morning Jacket, Edward Sharpe, Sharon Van Etten and More
WATCH: J Mascis & Sharon Van Etten Release New Video for Song “Prsioners” via Funny or Die
LISTEN: Sharon Van Etten Releases New Track “Your Love is Killing Me”
Sharon Van Etten Announces Fall 2012 Tour Dates
WATCH: Sharon Van Etten Performs New Song “Tarifa”
WATCH: Sharon van Etten Releases New Video for “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”
Sharon Van Etten Adds Spring US Tour Dates, Records New Album with The National
Sharon van Etten Releases New Track “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”
WATCH: Sharon Van Etten Performs New Song “I Don’t Want To Let You Down” on Ellen
Sharon Van Etten Announces Tour
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry 2012 Lineup Announced Curated By The National
Sharon Van Etten Releases Video for “Taking Chances”
WATCH: Sharon Van Etten Releases New Video For “Your Love Is Killing Me”
Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014 Cancels Entire Second Weekend
LISTEN: The Juan MacLean Remixes Sharon Van Etten’s “Our Love”
WATCH: Sharon Van Etten Releases New Video For “Our Love”
Sharon Van Etten Announces New Album Tramp For February 2012 Release
LISTEN: Sharon Van Etten Releases New Song “Taking Chances”
Sharon Van Etten Announced Fall 2014 Tour Dates

Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
Truly International – The National, Neko Case with T-Bone Burnett, Sharon Van Etten Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Sharon Van Etten Live at Stubb’s SXSW
Various Artists – The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Live at the Keswick Theatre, Philadelphia

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High Fidelity
Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe

Santigold Announces Summer 2012 Tour Dates
UR1 Festival Announces 2012 Lineup Featuring Headliners Lou Reed, Kanye West and More
Watch: Santigold Performs at StePhest Colbchella
Santigold Comes Back with New LP
Watch: Santigold Debuts New Songs Live
Afro-Punk Festival Announces Initial Lineup
Watch: Spank Rock Featuring Santigold NSFW Video for “Car Song”
LISTEN: Santigold Releases New Song “Kicking Down Doors”
The Warner Sound SXSW 2012 Day Parties and Showcases Announced
Listen: Santigold Releases New Track “Girls” For HBO Television Series
HEARTSREVOLUTION Announce Debut Album Ride or Die for April 2014 Release
Spin Magazine SXSW 2012 Party to Feature Santigold and Best Coast
Watch: New Santigold Video For “The Keepers”
WATCH: Santigold Appears On Adult Swim’s “NTSF:SD:SUV::”
Fader Fort by Converse Official SXSW 2012 Day Parties Announced Featuring Santigold, Zola Jesus, Black Hippy And More
UR1 Festival 2012 Postponed Due to Windy Weather Forecast

Photos: Santigold Live at the House of Blues
Santigold Live at The Fader Fort SXSW
SPIN Year in Music Party 2012: Santigold and Grizzly Bear

Top Story
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 Lineup Announced Featuring Run-D.M.C., Santigold, Refused and Many More

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Watch: Videos of Temple of the Dog, Josh Homme, Julian Casablancas, Glen Hansard and More at Pearl Jam Twenty
Josh Homme Auditions To Be a Droid In Star Wars
Dean Ween To Host Dean Ween and Friends Benefit Concert November 2012 For Friend Affected by Hurricane Sandy
Arctic Monkeys Announce Fall 2013 Tour Dates
Judge Rules on Kyuss Lives! Lawsuit, Only Allowing Bandname To Be Used in Concert
LISTEN: Queens of the Stone Age Release Cover of Mark Lanegan’s “100 Days”
Josh Homme Stars In a Fake Infommercial For the New Scissor Sisters Album
Arctic Monkeys Announce New Album AM Set for September 2013 Release
Queens of the Stone Age Frontman Josh Homme Announces Rare Solo Show
Listen To The Eddie Vedder, Josh Homme, The Strokes Cover Marvin Gaye
Brant Bjork and John Garcia Respond to Josh Homme’s Lawsuit Over Kyuss Lives!
WATCH: Moistboyz (Dean Ween and Guy Heller) Release Song “Paperboy” From New Album Medusa Set for Summer 2013 Release
Josh Homme Speaks Out About Possibility of Another Desert Sessions Album
Mark Lanegan Band Announces New Album Blues Funeral for February 2012 Release, Features Appearances by Josh Homme and Greg Dulli
WATCH: Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl Close the Grammys
Listen: Trent Reznor, Josh Homme and Dave Grol Release Stream of Collaboration Track “Mantra”
Watch: Arctic Monkeys New Video For “One For the Road”
WATCH: Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age Joins Arctic Monkeys on Stage in L.A. for Performance of “Knee Socks”

Queens of the Stone Age Live in Seattle
Various Artists – Sound City: Real to Reel
Pearl Jam Twenty Festival (Review, Photos and Set List)

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces 5 More Bands For 2012 Festival Including Tomahawk and Bob Mould
The A.V. Club presents “Rainey Day Party #12 & 35″ SXSW 2014 Day Party Announced
Veruca Salt Reform With Original Lineup
Merge Records Presents the Concert to Defeat Amendment One Featuring Bob Mould and David Cross
Deathfix Announce Winter 2014 West Coast Tour Dates With Pinback
MOG SXSW 2012 Day Party Announced Featuring The Roots and Bob Mould
“See A Little Light”: A Celebration of Bob Mould’s Musical Legacy
Bob Mould Announces Spring 2013 Tour Dates
Bob Mould Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund All-Star Tribute Concert Film Starring Dave Grohl, Ryan Adams, and More
Merge 25 Announces 2014 Lineup Including Neutral Milk Hotel, Wye Oak and Destroyer

Bob Mould – Beauty & Ruin
Bob Mould – Silver Age

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British Music Embassy SXSW 2012 Day Parties Announced
Waterloo Records SXSW 2012 Parking Lot Shows Announced
Foxy Shazam Signs with I.R.S. Records, Announces Tour with Panic! At the Disco
Foxy Shazam Releases New Album Gonzo

Foxy Shazam – The Church of Rock and Roll

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High Fidelity
The Darkness – Hot Cakes

The Darkness Announce New Album Hot Cakes For August 2012 Release
The Darkness Reunite and Announce Spring 2012 North American Tour Dates
The Darkness Introduce A New Drummer To Their Lineup And Announce A New Album For March 2015 Release

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Coachella 2013: A Look Back in Photos

Grimes, Feist, Leonard Cohen and More Are Nominated for 2012 Polaris Music Prize
Grimes Releases Collaboration Song With Majical Cloudz About A Fat Cat
Grimes Speaks Out Against Sexism and Other Issues
LISTEN: Grimes Releases New Song “Go” Featuring Blood Diamonds
Urban Outfitters Backlot SXSW 2012 Performances Announced
WATCH: Grimes Unveils New Song “Go” at Governors Ball
Primavera Sound 2012 Adds Mazzy Star, Justice, Afghan Whigs, and More to Lineup
Pitchfork Music Festival Announces 2014 Lineup Featuring Beck, Giorgio Moroder, Neutral Milk Hotel and More
WATCH: Grimes Releases New Video For “Christmas Song II (Grinch)”
The Full Flex Press Tour Dates Announced Where Skrillex, Diplo and Pretty Lights Will Tour Across Canada on a Train
Grimes Posts Rant Defending Pop Artists Including Beyonce, Psy, and Mariah Carey
Grimes Says Most Vegans She Knows Are “Dogmatic Assholes”
LISTEN: Majical Cloudz Release New Song “Your Eyes”
Duran Duran Cover Album Making Patterns Rhyme Announced Featuring Covers From Moby, Warpaint, Liars and More
WATCH: Franz Ferdinand Cover “Oblivion” by Grimes
Le Guess Who? Festival 2012 Lineup Announced Featuring Fuck Buttons, Dirty Three, Grimes and More
WATCH: Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi Get Turned Down By Grimes
WATCH: Grimes Releases New Video For “Go” Featuring Blood Diamonds

Coachella 2013 Weekend 2 Day 3 (Review, Photos and More)
Made in America, Philadelphia, Day 2

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Patrick Watson Announces New Album Adventures In Your Own Backyard for May 2012 Release

Patrick Watson – Adventures In Your Own Backyard

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PREMIERE: Only You Release New Songs “Let Me Burn” And “The Pressure”
New Music Alert: Only You Release New Video for Song “Let Me Burn”

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Ben Howard Announces Fall 2012 Tour Dates
Baeblemusic’s The Launch Pad SXSW 2012 Day Party Announced
Lollapalooza Announces 2013 Schedule for Live Stream of Webcast
WATCH: Willy Mason Releases New Fan-Made Video for Single “Talk Me Down”

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom
Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

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High Fidelity
Howlin Rain – The Russian Wilds

Manic Fest Destiny SXSW 2012 Day Party Announced
Howlin’ Rain – Mansion Songs

Howlin Rain Live at Rusty’s Manic Fest Destiny Party SXSW

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Reunited Ben Folds Five Announces New Album The Sound of the Life of the Mind and Fall 2012 Tour Dates
Watch: Bonnaroo Announces 2012 Live Webcast Schedule
WATCH: Ben Folds Five Releases New Video for Song “Sky High”
Ben Folds Five Recording New Album Together
The Roots and Ben Folds Five to Play 2012 Mountain Jam
Watch: Ben Folds Five Team Up with Fraggle Rock for “Do It Anyway” Video

Last Summer on Earth Tour: Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five and Guster Live at The Greek
Ben Folds Five – The Sound of the Life of the Mind

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Extra Life – Dream Seeds

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TEEN – Carolina EP

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