Wild International – Lake Tones EP

December 21st, 2012
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A Fantastic Voyage in Six Songs

Seconds into “Waterflaws,” the first track of Wild International’s Lake Tones EP, you know you are going somewhere. It’s wet and dark, voices call out from many directions. A pulsing drone comes in, a dense support as a melody, a great melody pulls you into the lovely layers of music exuding from this wonderful band. Little bits and pieces come in and out, and there’s always something new to hear.

“Emos Teg” begins with thrashing guitar and drums, bursting into chants of “Oh oh oh oh” and a wiry little jangle guitar dancing with a bobbing bass line. You can’t help but sway back and forth. Then the band shouts together in a punk stop-start that gracefully settles into a lovely flowing buildup, only to toss you around with more crunch to finish the story.

In “Young Wayfarer” you plot a course through the epic rock intro that’s tastefully prog, with “yip yips,” going into an Irish-fiddle lead guitar that is finally rocked out by the drums. The vocals become a Monkish chant and put you in the zone for further rocking. Eventually, the mood softens for an acoustic guitar singalong, telling the tale of this “young wayfarer sailing on and on.”

The rain sets in as we wade into “Creeks,” lulling us with “such sleepy feelings.” Soft whistles and claps support a sweet falsetto. We build slowly till the rhythms get tribal and the vocals shout and break, “Well I wish you would find the issue ‘cause I really miss you.” Moving on, boom and crash and dreamy bass noodling bring us to the soft splashes of water and electronic warbling.

“Will I sleep tonight?” asks our man in “Dreams,” a deep octave adding a somnambulistic regret to his voice in this beautifully dreary waltz. A pause in the music allows him to cry for “no more bad dreams,” but then, almost as another song, we are woken up to a jungle dance that will keep us awake indefinitely.

“Mayoridad” is soft and serene, the final leg of our journey. Sparse percussion and sweet guitar cradle the refrain: “Let us find each other’s hearts again.” And perhaps we will, on our next trip together.

Wild International have created a real gem that finishes as strong as it starts and boldly hoots and hollers it’s way into the world. They should be nothing but proud.

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By Matthew Stolarz Posted in High Fidelity, Reviews

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