Office Romance – I Love the Holidays

December 17th, 2012
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High Quality Holiday Tunes

Every year, bands big and small take stabs at holiday tunes. Usually, packed in with all the remixed, reworked, but still-terrible renditions of “Jingle Bells,” there will be one or two originals. About once every decade, an original will actually break from the pack and become a modern classic – racking up gagillions of dollars for 1.5 months out of the year, and setting up a songwriter for early retirement.

So, you can see why it’s a good idea to try writing a new holiday classic. Even if you wind up as the (evil, no-good, very bad) person responsible for “Christmas Wrapping,” you’re making a damn good living.

It’s possible one might actually be inspired to do such a thing for reasons other than money. There are people out there who actually really love Christmas music – even people who enjoy the task of writing something so specific. The makers I Love the Holidays have spoken, with affection, of “the challenge to be so succinct and connect to so many people.” Well, if that’s ain’t the spirit of the season, right there!

This dainty sugarplum of an EP comes from Office Romance – a offshoot collaboration of Syd Butler and Seth Jabour of Les Savy Fav, and actress Amy Carlson. Their three song mini-record does a fine job of putting you in the mood for some eggnog, without feeling like you’re in a supermarket. Each song has a standard December feel – a bit of sleigh bells, definitely some tinsel – but without trying to stomp on Bing Crosby’s toes. “Twinkling Lights,” is an adorable highlight, and feels very now – something Zooey Deschanel or the entire Hello Giggles staff could easily rock out in a Youtube video while you sigh merrily along.

If you also LOVE the holidays, definitely put these bright little baubles on your playlist. And, if you happen to run the soundtrack at a local grocery store, maybe pop these in the rotation too. Give us all a break from Mariah.

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Office Romance – I Love the Holidays