DJ Nu-Mark – Broken Sunlight

December 6th, 2012
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Far From Broken

Although Broken Sunlight is DJ Nu-Mark’s solo debut, he is no way new to the scene. Nu-Mark was a vital part of the seminal alternative hip hop act Jurassic 5. Since they disbanded in 2007, he has remained busy dropping a few EPs here and there, popping up in a few documentaries and even doing some production work for The Lonely Island Boys LP Incredibad. Broken Sunlight was released over the course of the last few months through what he referred to as series 1-5, each containing about two songs that were completed as the rest of the album was continuing to be made.

Broken Sunlight is not only a showcase of DJ Nu-Marks turntable skills, but also a showcase of a slew of MC’s who all bring their A-game to the table. Each track varies enough to keep the listener interested from beginning to end. The album begins with the track “Time Is Rough” featuring Tiron. The song is centered around a sample from Moby’s “God Moving Over the Face of Water,” adding an interesting contrasting ambience to Tiron’s flow. “Our Generation” features Ernie Hines, setting the hip hop aside to transport you back to a more soulful era. Some of the side effects of this are uncontrollable head swaying and foot tapping. “Feel the Way About It” featuring Tiron and Ayomari will have you raping the replay button. This is the second track featuring Tiron and is by far one of the stand out songs on the album.

With the year crawling to an end, most artists are looking forward to 2013. With Broken Sunlight DJ Nu-Mark not only looks to the future of hip hop with his choice of guest MC’s but also embraces the past by digging out gems from his record collection and molding the two together into a brilliant collage of sound. Nu-mark is fine example of a DJ who has honed his craft and Broken Sunlight the perfect debut album to show this to the world.

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