El Ten Eleven Live at The Echo Los Angeles

November 24th, 2012
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“The last time we played here, I think we opened for a reggae band and there was like 15 people here to see us,” said Kristian Dunn, responding to the sold-out masses at The Echo. Winding down their Fall 2012 tour, promoting their new album Transistions, El Ten Eleven chose L.A. as their 3rd to last stop, making their way up and down the west coast.

Echo Park’s coolest taste-makers arrived in throngs to welcome home L.A.’s post-rock-experimental duo, El Ten Eleven. Inside the venue, sardines couldn’t be packed any tighter, as people poured in from the snaking line that lead into the tiny front entrance of The Echo on Sunset. Lights dimmed and a suspenseful, heart-vibrating, heavy base-laden music intro, complete with projections of abstract images and colors danced on stage. Smoke swirls about the instruments and poured into the audience and the ceremonial squeals and whistles commenced. Kristian Dunn (double neck bass/guitar) and Tim Fogarty (electric/acoustic drums) took the stage to much fanfare. Arriving at his throne behind his drum set, Tim took a swig of Tecate before he reaching for his drum sticks. Kristian, wearing his infamous red and navy blue striped T-shirt, headed straight for his massive collection of effect pedals and of course, his legendary monster axe.

Some they say that jazz is dead, they obviously haven’t followed it’s evolution. It is now electronic, fused with live instruments and it is alive through the music of El Ten Eleven. If Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Jimmy Page and Frankie Knuckles were to have fused as one, emerging in our current musical era, you might have something like El Ten Eleven. The experimental riffs, melodies, time signatures, rhythm, technical prowess and infinite talent this duo possesses can’t be reduced to simple dance tracks. In fact, Kristian even whipped out a violin bow to play his double neck bass/guitar mid-set!

The show flowed flawlessly from song to song, ranging from the elevated happy joint to the more moody sentimental vibe. Though they are great fun, there is so much more depth and dimension to this duo and looking around at the sea of bobbing heads of fans representing all walks of life. It is clear that there is a musical transcendence that occurs when El Ten Eleven is in the house.

For a taste of El Ten Eleven’s enchantment, check out their newest release, Transitions.

El Ten Eleven Set List:
Thanks Bill
Jumping Frenchmen of Maine
I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They’re Cool
Yellow Bridges (latest single off Transistions)
Hot Cakes
Disorder (Joy Division cover)
Central Nervous Piston
Living on Credit Blues
Indian Winter
My Only Swerving

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