The Evens – The Odds

November 22nd, 2012
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Evening The Odds

Brainchild of hardcore and punk icons Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina, The Evens are releasing their third full length album The Odds. This album is a perfect combination of two fantastic musicians, blending their talents into a catchy, moody and heavy minimal post-punk sound. Sometimes it can be touch and go when a couple makes music together, just running with the assumption that they must work together musically as well, but MacKaye and Farina are proof that sometimes working with your partner can bring out some of your best music.

This album subtly runs the gamut in terms of style, while still blending it smoothly into a general post-punk sound. It starts out with the incredibly catchy “King of Kings,” which gives you a great idea of the feel of the rest of the album, and definitely makes you want to keep listening.¬†Songs like “Competing With The Till” have an interesting jazzy quality to them that really show the versatility of both musicians, and tracks like “I Do Myself” have a calmer acoustic rock feel that will draw in listeners not as accustomed to their heavier work. “Architects Sleep” and “Wanted Criminals” are especially reminiscent of MacKaye’s roots, while retaining the musical maturity he’s found in recent years. The Odds ends in an understated fashion with a hypnotic groove of instrumentals, vocals, and a sample that closes out the album rather perfectly.

This record is a must have for any fan of post-hardcore, especially in the range of Creepoid and Dinosaur Jr., as well as any fan of either of these musicians’ other work. The Odds melds post-punk heaviness with a quiet indie rock vibe that will appeal to a wide variety of fans. A natural mix of feel good and moody, this album should definitely be on heavy rotation this winter.

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