Jack Davey – L0-F! Side A and Side B

November 14th, 2012
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More Fuzz Than A Police Station

Jack Davey has spent the better part of this decade releasing albums and touring with Brook D’Leau as the duo J*DaVeY, but during a self-proclaimed period of artistic stagnation, Miss Davey has created a garage-rock opus. Trading in lush beats and sultry vocals for fuzzed out guitars and a raspy croon, L0-F! Side A and Side B are two EPs that extend her creative reach in a different direction.

Side A opener “Tinted Windows”, sees Davey sounding reminiscent of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but as soon as that thought crosses your mind, it’s forgotten. Her voice chirps like a songbird during the apocalypse, a perfect juxtaposition of chaos and peace. The words “All the pain I endure/Is the self saboteur in me” flow from Davey’s lips so eloquently on “Eye Can See.” This track is a splendid mix of sparse guitars and thudding bass drum, really showcasing what one can do with a minimalistic approach. Thankfully there’s a repeat button, because sadly, the track doesn’t even hit the 2-minute mark.

“Like That” opens Side B with a classic-sounding blues riff, and Jack goes on to list everything she doesn’t need, giving the impression that this is a very opinionated woman that can stand on her own. “Whatever’s Clever” sounds like the best homage to ’90s girl-rock ever conceived, like Letters To Cleo, but not in a bad way. This ballad is, by far, the standout track of the EPs.

L0-F! Side A and Side B are two EPs that could be combined into one hell of an LP. Some tracks could have been edited out, while others could have been more polished, but both deserve at least a casual listen. Jack Davey may not be a household name yet, but like a tree given time to grow, this sapling has the potential to transform into a mighty oak.

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