Bomba Estéreo – Elegancia Tropical

November 14th, 2012
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Nu Traditional

South America seems to be producing fresh, unique talent in the dance department. Brazilian “nu-rave” veterans Cansei de Ser Sexy tore up western blogs, charts and dance floors in the past couple of years, but another group of the Colombian persuasion have been getting kids moving just a little bit longer. Bomba Estéreo, with their recent Elegancia Tropical, have been combining traditional Cumbia music with electro beats and synths to form something rather special.

“Bosque” is a chilled down dance track. The electronic drums are just subtle enough to get the listener moving without inducing any club perspiration. The smoothly sung Spanish, by Liliana Saumet, complements the vibed out, delayed guitar.

“Bailar Conmigo” is where the band lets loose. A funky Moog bassline, with a real drum kit, playful vocals and accompanying Latin percussion makes the track come alive.  ”Pure Love” is the club-banger, with an awesome synth-flute, a pounding beat and hyperactive vocals. Think Japan’s Trippple Nippples through a Columbian filter. The saw synth reminds listeners they’re jamming along to an electronic group.

“Caribbean Power,” sounds like it was written by Major Lazer.  It’s an all out, aggressive mix meant for the club’s best and most agile contenders. By now, the mashing of cultures is still processing in your head. The odd, but surprisingly fitting mix of western electro and traditional Colombian music just makes sense. As long as the beat is constant and the synths are carrying the vibe, it’s just plain fun.

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Bomba Estéreo – Elegancia Tropical