Queens Of The Stone Age Welcome Back Drummer Dave Grohl

November 8th, 2012
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Amidst the political Facebook updates, an intriguing photo was posted on the official account of Queens Of The Stone Age alluding to the return of former drummer, Dave Grohl. Read on for more details and to see how QOTSA announced Grohl’s return.


The switchboard pictured above lists the names and instruments of the current Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA) band members, respectively. Reading from left to right, all seems to be right until we read, “Dave Drums.” The return of Dave Grohl is not news that will sadden fans, but it does bring about the question: What about Joey Castillo?

Castillo joined QOTSA about a decade ago to replace Grohl as he went off and played with The Foo Fighters. According to Antiquiet, the announcement was made by the one and only frontman, Joshua Homme, himself on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC Radio 1. Reasons for Castillo’s leave have not been announced, but with Grohl’s return, it seems that attention will be shifted elsewhere. Confirmation has been made the new album set for release in 2013 will have Grohl “handling drum duties.”

QOTSA underwent untimely changes following the rise in their career attributed to the successful Songs for the Deaf. Back in 2004, mxdwn reported that former bassist, Nick Oliveri, was fired. Upon this announcement, former vocalist Mark Lanegan followed suit and left the band. Over the past eight years, both individuals have still been making headlines.

Oliveri was charged for felonies related to domestic violence, but it was announced this past summer that he will not be going to jail. This only adds to the previous reputation he set up for himself prior to being fired from QOTSA for enjoying the glitz and glam a little too much.

Lanegan kept busy as well, releasing his album Blues Funeral in February this past year. The “working relationship” that he wanted to maintain with QOTSA frontman Homme has been proven by his appearances on this record.

The spotlight continued to shine on this band no matter what the incidents, but performance wise, the boys have kept quiet. One could only assume that they are working hard to produce a new album. As quoted by Spin, Grohl’s drumming is “always propulsive, dropping in virtuoso fills, and harnessing [Josh] Homme’s idiosyncratic swing.” Anticipation can only build up from this point forward on what could possibly come from this reunion. One thing is for sure: QOTSA will be taking the stage at Lollapalooza 2013.

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