The Datsuns – Death Rattle Boogie

October 28th, 2012
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The Gods Are Boogieing

New Zealand’s award winning The Datsuns are about to release their first record in four years, Death Rattle Boogie, and it’s not one to miss. This record packs a fun, rocking punch right off the bat, and keeps you engaged and entertained the whole way through. With a range of styles mixed into every song, there’s something for everyone, and not a boring song to be found.

Death Rattle Boogie, from beginning to end, is a high-energy rock album with a hint of space-age psychedelia, some poppy dance beats, and a few dashes of stoner metal. It starts out strong with “Gods Are Bored”, setting the tone for rest of the album with its dance-y, yet undoubtedly heavy, style. Bass player/singer Dolf de Borst’s raw, energetic vocals match with creative and varying guitar riffs and drum beats, as well as smooth transitions between songs, making this album enjoyable and engaging throughout. While some songs, like “Skull Full Of Bone”, have a slight pop-punk vibe, there is a wide variety of styles, like the chaotically heavy “Helping Hands”. And with “Death of Me”, The Datsuns close off the record they way they started it, with loads of energy and some serious riffage.

A great thing about Death Rattle Boogie is that it could appeal to a whole range of fans. Aspects of this album sound similar to heavier stoner metal bands like Witch and Church Of Misery, as well as Wolfmother and Kaiser Chiefs. This record would be a great pick for anyone who wants a fun album to dance around AND even headbang a bit to. In the end, this album sounds exactly like the name suggests. You’ll definitely want to boogie, but there’s a bit of a dark edge to it.

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