Delerium Announce New Album Music Box Opera for October 2012 Release

August 29th, 2012
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Delerium is dropping their first new record in six years, Music Box Opera, on October 30. The original album is released from Nettwerk Records. Delerium is a musical project by Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy) with collaborators Rhys Fulber, Jared Slingerland and Jeremy Inkel. The Vancouver-based electronic outfit blends ambient and cinematic aesthetics with the dreamy vocals coming from a rotation of musical guests. Order the album here.


Leeb describes Music Box Opera as being “more of an electronic record than a world music record. It’s ethereal, but there’s a little bit of pop. We tried to intertwine and merge those two stands. The singers really held this up. The last album was more dark and worldly. Previously, I’d use acoustic guitars and real drummers. We really went electronic here and stuck to that vibe.”

For the album, Leeb worked with muscians like Azure Ray, Angela McClusky, Nadina, Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Ricker), Kristy Thirsk and others.

With “Monarch,” Leeb collaborated with Nadina who sang in her native Arabic. For the video, Justin Colma (Peter Murphy, Smashing Pumpkins) artfully depicts a surreal world that treads on the line between reality and the protagonist’s imagination.

Check out the video for “Monarch”:

Track List:
1. Consciousness Of Love (feat. Stef Lang)
2. Monarch (feat. Nadina)
3. Days Turn Into Nights (feat. Michael Logen)
4. Chrysalis Heart (feat. Stef Lang)
5. Light Your Light (feat. Jaël)
6. Rain Down
7. The Sky (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
8. Hammer (feat. Leona Naess)
9. Awakening (feat. Nadina)
10. Frostbite (feat. Anna-Lynne Williams)
11. Keyless Door (feat. Azure Ray)
12. Music Box Opera
13. Stargazing (feat. Angela McCluskey) +
14. Lock Down (feat. Kristy Thirsk) *+
15. Still Kill (feat. Leigh Nash) *+

* Bonus Track On Physical Version
+ Bonus Track On Digital Version

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