Family Band – Grace & Lies

August 23rd, 2012
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No Lies

The Brooklyn indie-folk husband and wife duo that make up Family Band, Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin, return with their sophomore album, Grace & Lies. From the retired heavy metal guitarist to the visual artist turned musician, Grace & Lies is teeming with juxtapositions that dramatically flow in and out of this latest release. As elegant as it is haunting, the nine track album is a solid reminder of life’s heartache of love, loss and death.

Kicking off the album is “Night Song” a dark and balmy melody that was written on a casette four-track in their cabin last summer. Mysterious melodies and byzantine guitar rifts are inspired from Krans’  methodical drawings. Following closely is “Moonbeams,” the bands second single off Grace & Lies overflowing with strummed electric guitar and smokey synths to make it a hypnotic musical experience. Krans’ voice is eerie and captivating, following in line with the allegory of the entire album.

Grace and Lies has created pieces of musical art with details of mystery and exquisiteness that manage to find a way deep into your soul.

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By Emily Provansal Posted in Reviews

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Family Band – Grace & Lies