Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration

August 20th, 2012
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They Are The Reapers

It doesn’t get much more metal than zombies. Unless those zombies come from south of the border. Death metal duo Zombiefication lurches out of the central Mexican wastelands once again with their newest EP, Reaper’s Consecration, a down-home slice of old-school death metal. In this age of “louder, faster and more evil,” it’s refreshing to find a band that appreciates the classics.

Opener “Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow” begins with ominous guitar harmonies before ripping into a mid-tempo grind. Vocalist Mr. Hitch’s maniacal bellows serve the dark and demonic riffs well, recalling death metal in its formative years. “Deathrides” is an upbeat thrasher punctuated by dirge-style breakdowns, and wild atonal solos from guitarist/bassist Mr. Jacko. “Necrohell” utilizes Middle Eastern melodies a la Nile, while “I Am The Reaper” is definitely the standout track, evoking the shambling rhythms of Suffocation and the heavy grind of Aborted. Finally, closer “We Stand Alone” mixes funerary verses with high-impact choruses, and lightly sprinkles the whole thing with a little black metal.

Zomebiefication is to death metal what 3 Inches Of Blood is to power metal: heavily rooted in the old ways, with just a dash of modernity to mix things up. It’s still fun to listen to, but it’s not shaking up the establishment. Fans of classic death metal like Suffocation and Morbid Angel will enjoy this, but otherwise, this is not the recommended starting point for your journey into darkness. If your idea of metal involves denim vests, combat boots, and a little vomit, Reaper’s Consecration is just what you’re looking for.

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Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration