Midnight Magic Live at La Cita, Los Angeles

August 20th, 2012
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Nine-piece electro disco group Midnight Magic played La Cita in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night.  Even on a school night the master funk ensemble managed to keep the kids out late. Certainly, these hot summer nights bring all the funky critters out to play, and play they did.

Diving right into their show with the ever beckoning “Julio” brought energy and life to the previously sparse dance floor where crowd members had danced to the likes of Kano and Marvin Gaye remixes. The heavy bass line highlighted the song’s bouncy sensation which effervesced throughout the set. Jamming through hits such as “Heat” and “Drop Me a Line,” the band spared no corner of the room from sheer entertainment.

Front woman Tiffany Roth threatened between songs, “We are going to punish you with some shit.” By the time they hit their climactic moment for the night while playing fan favorite “Beam Me Up,” it appeared that the crew had “punished” the delighted crowd quite enough and they rounded out their modest set.

Undoubtedly, Midnight Magic consistently delivers an electric performance that brings their records to life. They have mastered the art of bringing a studio album to life, and they are certainly not an act to be missed.

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