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August 16th, 2012
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A Cultural Comparison

Japan’s favorite DJ, or at least the most award winning, DJ Kentaro, is the type of transcendent, international musician whom is the poster kid for the adage, “music is the universal language.” After winning a variety of international DJ championships over the last couple of years, Kentaro has gathered up many of his friends and supporters to collaborate on the eclectically electronic new album, Contrast.

From the get go, Contrast is focused around the drum patterns with layering synth melodies falling in progressive patterns. DJ Krush shows us some deft scratching and old school harmonies on “Kikkake.” The increasingly popular Foreign Beggars stop by to share a verse on “Step In,” a catchy dubstep track whose beats dexterously complement the lyrics. Another fast and hard, drum-centric track, “Big Timer,” features the unique vocals of the well traveled MC Zulu. Like an automatic rifle, banging out the hits back to back, is “Fire Is On,” a dubstep tempo reggaeton dance-synth ballad featuring Fire Ball on the mic. The original songs DJ Kentaro produces by his lonesome are not to be forgotten; “Lapis Lazuli” and “Higher” are synth and bass heavy jams which take the listener on thrilling adventures. Always taking the path less traveled, you never know where DJ Kentaro will bring you next.

The beauty of Contrast is that any of the tracks can easily be radio-friendly singles in a once underground market which is becoming increasingly mainstream, but one shouldn’t expect anything less of a world champion DJ. Although strictly an electronic dance music album, Kentaro demonstrates his versatility by producing amazing drum and bass tracks as well dabbling in dubstep, drumstep, moombahton and other cross genre bangers. There are only 10 tracks on Contrast, which are all high octane, feet moving, head bobbing jams, but this is one of those albums which will leave listeners wanting for more.

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