Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine

August 6th, 2012
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Silent No Longer

Despite numerous setbacks, lineup changes, and wild allegations of Nazism, Illinois black metal explorers Nachtmystium refuse to quit. After a few experiments with psychedelic sounds on previous records, the band returns to a (slightly) more traditional sound on their sixth full-length, Silencing Machine. While it won’t inspire shock and awe, Silencing Machine definitely brings the gloom.

Opener “Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem” hits the ground running with high-powered ascending guitars and grinding drums. Frontman Blake Judd’s vocals are cloaked in a mechanical distortion on this one, only adding to the overall menace. “And I Control You” slows it down a bit, opting for a more grunge-inspired intro before shifting to demonic melodies and Sanford Parker’s haunting synth echoes. “The Lepers Of Destitution” evokes the crushing depression of Type O Negative, while “Borrowed Hope And Broken Dreams” has an almost upbeat, hard rock feel until you listen to the lyrics. “Decimation, Annihilation” is a weirdly awesome combination of classic punk and video game music, and is not to be missed. Finally, “Give Me The Grave” experiments with the epic nature of power metal with its big guitars and shoutable choruses, before “These Rooms In Which We Weep” brings the album to a close with its heavily textured funeral dirge and traditional black metal outro, devolving into thunderous mechanical hell.

Fans of the band’s earlier, more traditional work will want to check this out. There’s a bit of experimentation here as well, so fans of Assassins and Addicts should be able to find something they like as well. Unless you’re a devotee of the tru-kvlt, Nachtmystium has something for every black metal fan. Otherwise, Silencing Machine is a solid modern black metal record.

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Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine
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