Big Business Announce Fall 2012 Wild Kingdom Tour Dates

July 25th, 2012
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The stoner metal band, Big Business, has just announced their Fall 2012 Wild Kingdom tour dates. The Seattle-based band is certainly going to be busy as they perform over 30 shows all across America in just a month and a half. 

Big Business’s current lineup consists of Jared Warren (bass, vocals), Coady Willis (drums, screaming), Toshi Kasai (guitar keyboards, backing vocals) and Scott Martin (guitar). Jared started off as member in a band named Karp, while Coady played in the band The Murder City Devlils before forming Big Business. Big Business originated as a two-piece band and a offshoot of The Melvins. The two bands continue to perform and tour together.  Currently, The Melvins are touring as their Melvins Lite augmented lineup in hopes of breaking the world record for the quickest tour of every state in the United States.


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Fall 2012 Wild Kingdom Tour Dates:

09/01/12 San Jose, CA
09/02/12 Sacramento, CA
09/04/12 San Francisco, CA
09/06/12 Seattle, WA
09/07/12 Portland, OR
09/08/12 Boise, ID
09/09/12 Salt Lake City, UT
09/10/12 Denver, CO
09/13/12 Kansas City, MO
09/14/12 St. Louis, MO
09/15/12 Omaha, NE
09/16/12 Des Moines, IA
09/17/12 Minneapolis, MN
09/18/12 Milwaukee, WI
09/19/12 Chicago, IL
09/20/12 Detroit, MI
09/22/12 Pittsburg, PA
09/23/12 Buffalo, NY
09/25/12 Hoboken, NJ
09/27/12 South Burlington, VT
09/28/12 Cambridge, MA
09/29/12 New York, NY
09/30/12 Brooklyn, NY
10/01/12 Philadelphia, PA
10/02/12 Baltimore, MD
10/03/13 Washington DC, DC
10/04/12 Raleigh, NC
10/05/12 Atlanta, GA
10/06/12 Pensacola, FL
10/07/12 New Orleans, LA
10/08/12 Houston, TX
10/09/12 Austin, TX
10/12/12 Tuscon, AZ
10/13/12 San Diego, CA
10/14/12 Los Angeles, CA
10/15/12 Long Beach, CA

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