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July 23rd, 2012
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Indie Soundtrack Waiting to Happen

Every summer needs a little quality dream pop–-something for hot n’ sticky night drives to mountainous make-out spots or those long subway rides back to Brooklyn at dawn. Fortunately, the self-titled EP by Erika Spring–-aka Erika Forster of the all-keyboard girl group Au Revoir Simone–fits the bill just beautifully. These five songs are a classic indie soundtrack waiting to happen.

The sound is a little bigger, yet a little softer than Au Revoir Simone’s, with lots of fun 80’s beats and retro synth sounds. To contribute to the theme, there’s even a cover of the Eurythmics “When Tomorrow Comes,” which is surprisingly well-adapted from the original Annie Lennox gutsy belt to Spring’s sweet and breathy style. “Like a Fire” is a standout track: danceable, wistful, and driving, sure to become a staple at Beauty Bars and other alternative dance dives across the country. “Hidden” is another goodie, with a smattering of electric snaps and strange percussive highlights all tucked-–hidden even–within the warm, spacey groove.

Act fast! It’s not long til some cinema giant’s grandson makes his directorial debut and permanently marries each of Erika’s songs to a Natalie Portman moment. Get the iPod dock hooked up in the backyard, and start making your own summer memories to this charming EP.

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Erika Spring – Erika Spring