Dan Le Sac – Space Between the Words

July 23rd, 2012
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Sultry Sounds

The hip-hop duo Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip mixes electronic beats with spoken, sung, and rapped lyrics. Typically, the band consists of Daniel Stephens (aka Dan Le Sac – production, programming, keyboards, guitars & backing vocals) and David Peter Meads (vocals/rapper). Space Between the Wordsis the new solo album by Dan Le Sac, finding him taking the wheel on the output completely.

Dan Le Sac’s vocals are smooth, which compliments his equally smooth instrumentals. There are a few different styles of music on this album, making for a diverse variety including electro, trip-hop, hip-hop, & pop. The song “Good Time Gang War” mixes hip-hop vocals with dirty electro beats and is all held together by a catchy rhythm, much like the rest of the songs on Space Between the Words. The lyrics are witty and at times tormented, ”Love is on it’s knees / bury it at sea,” is crooned in the song “Memorial,” for example. ”Zephyr” is a pretty, melodic and lush song on which Dan Le Sac insists, “Don’t ever compare yourself, to anyone else.” There are a couple instrumental tracks on Space Between the Words that illustrate Dan Le Sac’s deft beat production, like “Reprisals” and “Hold Yourself Lightly.” Overall the songs all blend together well, some are quite danceable, and others are slower paced. “Beside” is one of the slower tracks, the lyrics are poignant: “We don’t want to be alone / Every time we leave our home we open doors to our lives / Maybe one day we will find someone to sleep beside.”

This album is recommended for fans of electronica, pop, & hip hop. With an overal sultry sound, Space Between the Words grows on you faster than you can hit your space bar.

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