Shout Out Out Out Out – Spanish Moss And Total Loss

July 19th, 2012
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Now That I’ve Given Up Hope

Electro-dance band Shout Out Out Out Out recorded their third full-length, Spanish Moss and Total Loss in the comfort of their native town, Edmonton, Alberta, three years after their last release and consider this album to be their most ambitious production yet, since now they are feeling “fully encompassed in the world of electronic music.”

With four bass players, two drummers, a Rhodes piano, baritone guitar, saxophone and a lot of synth (and not to mention some great song titles), vocalist Nik Kozub pours his heart out lyrically and straight into an analog vocoder, heavily distorting the vocals. There’s quite a bit of funk amidst the synth, too, like in “Wayward Satelite” with all its funky bass, and in “Never Say The Same Thing Twice” with the electro-funk ending.

“Spanish Moss” is pleasantly placed in the middle of the track list, featuring a reggae-funk-electro beat and is one of the few songs you could actually sing along to.

The album does tend to sound monotonous. There were a few too many medium-tempo synth loops. And songs drag on, most being six minutes long or longer.

Spanish Moss is an album that sounds exceptionally rad through headphones and is recommended listening for walks to the grocery store and while keeping a nice pace in the gym. It’s probable songs are much better enjoyed live, not just for the spectacle but because of its loud, vintage sound and uppity beat.

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By Nicole Goddeyne Posted in Reviews

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Shout Out Out Out Out – Spanish Moss And Total Loss