Deleted Scenes – Young People’s Church of the Air

July 16th, 2012
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Young People’s Music of Today

It’s always fun when bands draw influence from 60’s pop artists, but in a new and exciting way. Groups like Girls and Cults lean heavily on the surf and early art rock styles, and Deleted Scenes are no stranger to reverb-heavy, bass guitar-driven genres. Their 2011 release, Young People’s Church of the Air, is just as much of a love letter to groups like The Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground as newly renamed POP ETC’s Big Echo.” That’s saying a lot.

“A Litany For Mrs. T” is a fun–yet somewhat haunting–pop romp through various genres. What makes it all work is the 60’s bassline just rolling through the track without a care in the world. It’s like Phil Spector decided to produce just one indie band in America, and these guys were drawn from a big lottery.

“Nassau” sounds like it came straight from a Daniel Johnston record. Lonely and slightly lo-fi, Dan Scheuerman’s vocals creep slowly into your head, reminding you the world can be daft and unforgiving. It sounds as if he’s singing about it in what seems to be a damp bathroom. As dramatic of a description as that is, nothing else can describe the type of despondency when treated to the right dose of reverb and whispery singing.

“English as a Second Language” makes use of electronic drums, female “oos” and “ahs” floating about, cutesy vocals and the kind of maudlin chord progression found in a Au Revoir Simone record. A hint of Electric Guest is present with the retro-meets-modern playfulness being quite apparent.

Young People’s Church of the Air is what a lot of indie groups strive for nowadays: a record that wears its influences on its sleeve while staying amazingly current that it won’t sound out of place in a car/iPod/Gap commercial. This is a record that doesn’t need a lot of spins to enjoy, but only time can tell how long it can stick to your gut.

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