Dub Pistols – Worshipping the Dollar

July 13th, 2012
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These Pistols Are Cocked and Fully Loaded

Dub Pistols have been on the scene going on 15 years now, and by the looks of it there’s no retirement in their future. Worshiping the Dollar is the band’s 6th album and is filled with several guest artists taking turns on the mic. The band sticks close to their reggae roots on this album in not only the sound of the album, but also by way of the lyrics themes of the contributing MCs revolving around social commentary and political dissent. Over the years they have established a cult following and with an album like this added to their cannon, Dub Pistols have the potential to draw in an even bigger spotlight.

The album starts out with the song “Alive” feat. Red Star Lion and if by the end your foot isn’t tapping or head isn’t bobbing, you might want to check and make sure you have a pulse. “New Skank” brings more of a big band mix to the album. The horns add a nice texture to the rhythm while TK Lawrence and Dan Bowskill do a great job making everything about the song feel cohesive.

The track “Bang Bang” is one that truly stands out on the LP. Kitten and The Hip take the wheel on the vocals and the backing instrumentation is reminiscent of The Specials. The unique chemistry the band has make this one a gem that has multiple replay value. Dub Pistols have years of experience in honing their craft and bring out all the big guns on this album. Worshiping the Dollar is an album that clings to the roots of dub-style music but intertwines it with enough modernism to keep the genre relevant today.

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By William Hannan Posted in Reviews

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Dub Pistols – Worshipping the Dollar