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A Savory Treat

A Lull is a band from Chicago comprised of members Nigel Dennis, Todd Miller, Mike Brown, Aaron Vincel, and Ashwin Deepanker. Their EP album, Meat Mountain, is set for release on June, 26, 2012. The album cover art was created by scanning a chuck-eye cut of steak, which was later cooked & consumed.

A Lull has a great, lush sound with melodic and smooth vocals which blend well with the instruments. Unlike their earlier wall-of-sound style, this album is more open. There’s a slight Brian Eno influence in the music, as well as  Roxy Music. Meat Mountain contains saxophone solos, flute trills, fuzzy guitar riffs, and cymbals clashing throughout. The lyrics are simple and time tested with a foot in love, lust, longing, & obsession. “Summer Dress” is a slightly seductive track with the lyrics: “You got that dress on That you know I love.” The flute and saxophone-drenched intro is a little bit reminiscent of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. “Not About It” is a different tune compared to the rest of the album about getting into a brawl with some unsavory characters, which features the lyrics “You’re sadder than anyone I’ve ever /Ever, ever, ever seen /Make yourself feel better Make me feel worse.” Overall, there’s a feeling of warmth and comfort to most of these songs combined with some catchy hooks and a unique freshness abound. An ethereal vibe resonates throughout Meat Mountain.

This album is highly recommended for fans of indie rock, experimental indie, and ethereal music. It’s great summer listening, and will leave you wondering what this band will cook up next.

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By Lory Gary Posted in Reviews

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