Doseone – G is for Deep

June 10th, 2012
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A Dose of Something Different

These days musicians fall into two categories, those who merely stick to a formulaic routine that works for them and the ones whose catalogues are filled with diversity.  Both routes have their own sets of challenges and risks. Doseone is an artist whose resume is filled with diversity: He may be considered hip hop’s jack-of-all-trades.  At the age of 35, the list of accomplishments that he has under his belt makes most people look lazy.  He co-founded the indie hip hop label Anticon, produces and raps, both, solo and in numerous groups.

G is for Deep is the latest release from Doseone and this time- once again- he roles the dice and takes a chance.  This album replaces his steady flow of spitting rhymes with him singing almost Prince-like.  The production of the album is sleek and, at times, filled with so many things going on it almost overloads your senses.  This is an album that would definitely be enjoyed with a nice set of headphones so that every single nuance is heard.

The album starts off with the track “Dancing X” and it is a good summation of the album; catchy and danceable.  Even though the album is built around pop beats and hooks, Doseone still drops his own style of lyrics filled with dark undertones and phrases that can be left to interpretation.  On the song “Last Life,”  the chorus repeats the phrase, “In that former life, were you the committed type who never missed a hanging?”   The chorus for “Arm in Armageddon”  is infectious, although if you subconsciously start singing it in an elevator, strangers might give you weird glances because it references cannibalism.

G is for Deep is an album in which every track is beautifully crafted.  Even though Doseone one traded in his rapping for singing on this record, it- once again- adds another accomplishment on his resume.

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Doseone – G is for Deep

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