J.Dilla’s Mom Gets Hundreds Of Her Son’s Lost Items from Record Store Owner

As reported by AllHipHop, a huge collection of previously unheard J.Dilla tracks have recently surfaced.  A record store owner in Detroit was cleaning out an abandoned storage unit when he discovered hundreds of lost tapes created by the highly celebrated producer and songwriter.  More details after the jump.

For those who don’t know J.Dilla’s sad story, he was a big producer in hip hop before he was diagnosed with Lupus.  His life ended too short when he died February 10, 2006 from the rare blood disorder.  Perhaps his most remarkable piece of work, Donuts, was written on his deathbed and completed shortly before he passed.  Although critics regard Donuts as J.Dilla’s final treasure to fans, it appears as though we might get some posthumous releases out of these recent findings.

This record store owner, Jeff Bubeck, also found 7,000-8,000 records, notebooks, notes, and other handwritten artifacts from J.Dilla.  These possessions have gone to J.Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey.  A truly good samaritan, Bubeck declined tons of offers to sell these materials and instead returned them to J.Dilla’s mother.  When speaking of Bubeck’s character, Ms. Yancey said, “He is my hero. He truly is. It was really good to be with him and to see him and to see the type of person he was. He just broke down, because he’s a remarkable father and understood.”

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