Carina Round – Tigermending


Ms. Round’s Wild Ride

Carina Round is an experience.

Like Florence (of the Machine fame), she opens her mouth and lets forth her lungs. Unlike Florence, her voice is flawless – fluttering effortlessly from angelic heights to primordial depths with shocking ease. Her low belt is as powerful as Amanda Palmer; as moving as Edith Piaf. Beyond this, there’s no comparing her to another musician. She is far too epic to be tied down to the pop landscape of mere mortals.

Tigermending is Ms. Round’s latest album, five years in the making. Since her last release, she’s become a part of the Puscifer touring band; expanding her fanbase to its present blend of art freaks and alt-metal enthusiasts. Her new music carries a rougher edge, but it becomes her so very well! The low end, the loudness, the howling passion of it all – it’s a challenge not to be swept up in the storm that Carina has created.

The album kicks off with a kick in the face: “pick up the phone/I’m pregnant with your baby,” and it’s a wild ride from there. Lead single “The Last Time,” plays on levels both expansive and intimate with a lyric-narrative leading down a twisted, haunted trail. “Weird Dream” is fantastic and lives up to its title – it’s a rock song held hostage in a Salvador Dali clock shop.

Carina heads out soon for a series of album release dates, followed by a bit of Puscifer support. Her live band is an amalgam of other fantastic groups, including members of Nightmare & the Cat and Ashes Divide. If Carina is coming to your town, she is not to be missed. Either way, do your ears an epic favor – get Tigermending and get it now.

By Maggie Levin Posted in High Fidelity, Reviews