Datsik – Vitamin D

April 26th, 2012
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The Cure For That Sickness

To say Troy Beetles lives up to the namesake of his alter ego is putting it lightly. Since 2008, dancers and concert goers have stared longingly at the unknown dubstep DJ with only one word fit to describe what unfolded before them – Datsik. Vitamin D, the long anticipated debut album of the dubstep phenom, is finally out on Dim Mak and the remixes are already trickling in from every noteworthy wobble wielding disc jockey. With the help of Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Z-Trip, Downlink, and Infected Mushroom, Vitamin D far exceeds the doctor’s daily recommended dosage.

“Annihilate” starts off Vitamin D with a heavy dose of dark dubstep that sounds like something straight out of Mortal Kombat. “Fully Blown” follows with grimy bass drones and a touch of hip-hop flavor with the NWA-esque vocals of Snak and Ripper, “Here we go, don’t stop, til somebody call the cops.” With analogue stabs and symphonic strings, “Syndrome” is a track Datsik produced with the help of Downlink and it sounds downright gangster. Co-produced with the likes of Infected Mushroom and Jonathan Davis, “Evilution” sounds exactly like what you would imagine a hit with those collaborative driving forces behind it might sound like – dark, droney, and devastatingly powerful in terms of bass prowess.

The genre of dubstep has come under fire from critics who cite it as uninspired. These critics have never heard Vitamin D. Pulling inspirations from gangster rap with hip-hop grooves and metal guitar distortion with headbangability into his dubstep production, Datsik redefines brutality for a new generation. Although it’s far too early in the game to tell where this music producer will end up, Datsik is starting out with a good cornerstone and a lot of powerful support behind him. The sky is the limit for the big D.

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Datsik – Vitamin D