Al Jourgensen Says Relapse is Ministry’s Final Album

February 12th, 2012
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As reported by Lithium Magazine, fans should treat Ministry’s forthcoming album, Relapse, as the band’s last creative endeavor.  The album is set to be released March 27 and the band plans to set out on a final tour in May or June, but then the final chapter in the book of Ministry will be finished.

Photo Credit: Raymond Flotat

Photo Credit: Raymond Flotat

It might be a surprise for fans to hear that Ministry’s frontman, Al Jourgensen, has little interest in industrial music.  Though he might reign as one of the kings of the genre, he is more of a classic rock and blues type of guy in his heart of hearts.  Though this isn’t the first time Jourgensen has alluded to the end of days for Ministry, he has been pretty clear about his decisions this time around.

Many thought that 2006’s The Last Sucker was going to be Ministry’s last album after Jourgensen suffered from what is considered to be his third near death experience.  From the way that Relapse is being spoken about, it appears the album will be a high note for the band to go out on.

Here’s what Jourgensen had to say about the album in his interview with Lithium:

I was roped into this; I didn’t want to do it, but you can blame Mike Scaccia for this album (laughs). He was all over my case, just cracking the whip, getting me to sing vocals and stuff. He really believed in the album and then when I hear the whole thing put together I’m like, “Wow, this is pretty good”. But no more man, I’m serious. I know you’ve heard this from me before but that was for health reasons, this one I’m healthy, I can’t do these kinds of intense albums anymore. I’d rather just jam and get drunk with a bunch of hillbillies.

The songs on Relapse were collected from Jourgensen and Mike Scaccia’s recording sessions for Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters.  It appears that what started out as a couple ‘country riffs’ will become one of Ministry’s most menacing albums yet.

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