Shelby Lynne Live at Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio 1/10/2012

January 11th, 2012
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Shelby Lynne’s experience as a performer dates back to tabletop singing at a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor when she was three. She has come a long way since then to become the mature songwriter who took the stage at Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio in Santa Monica. Performing songs from her latest, self-produced Revelation Road, Lynne mesmerized her audience with a humble stage presence, confessional lyrics, and a resilient soulfulness.

Shelby Lynne by Larry Hirshowitz

In an intermission interview by KCRW’s Anne Litt, Lynne discussed her childhood in Frankville, Alabama, singing three-part harmonies with “Momma and Sissy” on the way to school until “singing was as natural as breathing.” She addressed the childhood tragedy that became an inescapable token of her reputation as an artist. It was a subject she didn’t speak of for years because it was “something I didn’t want to take over my damn career.”

On Revelation Road, she returned to stories about her childhood and family, writing what are perhaps the most candid songs of her career. She reminisces not in bleakness, but with a peace in her heart that allowed these songs to come out naturally.  Before resuming the set and closing with a two-song encore of songs from I Am Shelby Lynne (1999) and Suit Yourself (2005), she expressed her gratitude: “I’m so grateful for the honesty I have in my heart.” The session will air on Morning Becomes Eclectic on February 6th.

Complete set list:

Lead Me Love

Woe Be Gone

Revelation Road

I’ll Hold Your Head

I Don’t Need A Reason To Cry


Even Angels

I Wanna Go Back

Like A Thief

Toss It All Aside

Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road

I Won’t Leave You


Your Lies

Iced Tea

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Shelby Lynne Live at Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio 1/10/2012