UMG Removes 50 Cent’s “Official” Music Video

December 31st, 2011
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If you were able to see the new 50 Cent video release for his single, “They Burn Me”, consider yourself among the lucky few. His own label, UMG was quick to take it down from Youtube.

50 Cent

50 Cent

It’s possible that UMG found something in 50 Cent’s video that would not have been good “for the sake of the artist”, as they lead consumers to believe as what they want. The rapper’s own Youtube account was responsible for posting this new music video, claiming it as the “official” version. Previous to this, the label had the rapper’s personal website taken down. Their reasoning being that it was a pirate site.


It seems that 50 Cent intended the video as a Christmas gift to his fans, being that he tried to release it on the 25th. Although, he is not the only artist with which UMG has taken a stronger management approach. They had removed videos from several other of their label artists.

By Hallie Harmon Posted in News