Phenomenal Handclap Band Announce New Album Form & Control For February 2012 Release

December 17th, 2011
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Just off of a US tour opening for legendary English singer/songwriter Bryan Ferry, The Phenomenal Handclap Band have released the first single off of their forthcoming album, Form and Control. The album is due out February 13 via Tummy Touch Records. Check out the new single, “Following,” after the jump.

Photo credit Marv Watson

Photo credit Marv Watson

The group’s first self-titled full-length studio album was well-received by critics, and the newest single moves past the ethereal disco-punk sounds of their first effort. “Following” calls on the influences of The Human League, Chic and Fern Kinney, and was composed in New York City while dancing at David Mancuso’s well-known Loft Party.

“At a truly great dance party, there is a moment when you can feel a certain energy take off in the room,” says writer and co-producer Sean Marquand. “You can look around and see that everyone is in to the exact same thing at the exact same moment, it’s a unifying force.  The song is directed toward all of those who might want to join that moment and experience the same spirit.”

Check out “Following” here, and look out for Form and Control in retail outlets on February 13.

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Phenomenal Handclap Band Announce New Album Form & Control For February 2012 Release
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