Premiere: Free Download of New SONOIO “Scientist” Remix

December 8th, 2011
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Alessandro Cortini’s side-project SONOIO has premiered a remix of the track “Scientist,” available exclusively from MXDWN. The original track appeared on SONOIO’s Red album, released in May 2011. Listen to the exclusive release after the jump.


Today’s exclusive release comes from SoCal techno artist Drumcell, whose commitment to electronic tools like FX processors, samplers, and drum machines make him a natural fit for SONOIO’s sound. Check out MXDWN’s exclusive premiere of the “Scientist” remix here.

SONOIO began in early 2010 as collaboration between Cortini, best known for his touring and recording relationship with industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails, and a Buchla Electric Music Box. His latest efforts utilize another previously obsolete instrument, the Buchla Analog Synthesizer. Cortini took these largely forgotten instruments and, with both the Music Box and the Synth, reminded us of the roots of artistry through electronic manipulation of sound.

By limiting the tools used in the recording process to the innovative but cumbersome Buchla instruments, Cortini has shaped a sound and composition style that is both controlled and expanded by the limitations of the instruments.

“The whole composition process felt like a chess game, where I would make a move, trying to compose in a certain way, only to be antagonized by either the limitations of the instrument, or its quirkiness,” says Corti. “This ‘back and forth’ process led me to composing the bulk of the Blue and Red SONOIO records, allowing me to create something unique sounding, yet familiar and memorable.”

SONOIO’s release of the Blue remixes, NON SONOIO in December of last year marked collaboration with artists like Ladytron, with whom SONOIO toured throughout September and October of 2011.

Stay tuned for more information on remix releases from SONOIO’s Red, and check out the video of another Red track, “Enough,” below.

SONOIO – Enough from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

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