Turntable.fm Encounters Legal Troubles

The new site, Turntable.fm, is a hybrid between social networking and user DJing as users talk about the music playing. The site has started to encounter legal troubles.On the site, you can create your own room or join an existing one and occupy one of the five DJ slots. Each DJ gets to spin one song per turn, users are then asked to vote whether the chosen track is “awesome” or “lame”, while the former gives you “DJ points” and the latter can have your next song skipped.

Due to licensing constraints, the site has restricted to use to only U.S. users and the admins of the site are falling back on the Digital Millennium Copyright act to protect themselves. The site contends that their limit on playing songs more than once in a specific period and that you must have more than one person in a room to play full songs adhere to the DMCA.

The future of the site remains up in the air, but for now the site is open for all U.S. users.


By Ryan Asbury Posted in News